London Indian Film Festival teases summer season of ‘The Storyteller’

London Indian Film

The London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) and Birmingham Indian Film Festival (BIFF) are teaming up to bring audiences a two-part film extravaganza across two cities. The festival will kick off with the screening of “The Storyteller,” directed by Ananth Mahadevan.

“The Storyteller” follows the journey of a Gujarati businessman, played by Adil Hussain, who believes that accumulating wealth will bring happiness. However, he soon discovers that material possessions do not guarantee true fulfillment. Paresh Rawal portrays the titular storyteller in the film. Based on a story by the renowned Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray, the movie explores the contrast between the pursuit of wealth and the pursuit of intellectual knowledge.

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To enhance the cinematic experience, Q&A sessions with Adil Hussain, Tannistha Chatterjee, and Ananth Mahadevan are scheduled on June 22 at BFI Southbank and June 23 at MAC Birmingham. These sessions provide an opportunity for audiences to engage with the cast and director, gaining insights into the making of the film.

“The Storyteller” screenings mark the beginning of a short summer season of film events. The main festival, taking place in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds from September 7 to 14, is expected to feature premieres of feature films, documentaries, and shorts. Additionally, the festival aims to showcase new South Asian series, gaming, and XR (extended reality) experiences.

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The summer season also includes other captivating films. “To Kill A Tiger” is a powerful documentary that tells the inspiring story of a village teenager and her loving father who bravely confront their society, seeking justice. “The Effects of Lying” is a comedy drama that will be screened prior to its release on ITVX. “Max, Min & Meowzaki,” directed by N Padmakumar, offers an anime-themed experience. The European Premiere of the U.S. documentary “Call Me Dancer,” directed by Leslie Shampaine and Pip Gilmour, will also be featured. Another highlight is the debut feature film “Amar Colony” by director Siddharth Chauhan.

In addition to these screenings, the Barbican in London will host a special showcase of Deepa Mehta’s films “Fire” and “Earth,” featuring the talented actor Nandita Das.

To conclude the June film season, the festival will present its popular annual shorts program, “Too Desi Too Queer.” This program will include the world premiere of the documentary “Discovering Kali – 25 years of the Legendary Club,” which explores the rise of the British Asian LGBTQIA+ scene.

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Both LIFF and BIFF are supported by The Bagri Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to promoting and supporting Asian arts and culture.

Film enthusiasts can look forward to this exciting lineup of films, documentaries, and events that celebrate the richness and diversity of Indian cinema. With thought-provoking stories and engaging discussions, the film festivals provide a platform for artists, filmmakers, and audiences to connect and explore the world of Indian cinema.