‘Love Is Blind’ Star Danielle Ruhl Regrets Immature Behavior Towards Ex Nick: A Big Mistake.

Danielle Ruhl

Danielle Ruhl, known for her appearance on the reality show Love Is Blind, recently opened up about her post-divorce behavior. In a candid interview on the Intimate Knowledge with Meghan King podcast, the 29-year-old reality star admitted to acting immaturely on social media after her split from ex-husband and Love Is Blind co-star, Nick Thompson, in August 2022.

Ruhl revealed that she had been trying to make amends with Thompson ahead of their recent reunion. She offered him a sincere apology for her actions during their divorce, particularly her social media behavior. She expressed regret and admitted that it was one of her biggest regrets.

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During the podcast interview, Ruhl acknowledged the challenges they faced as a couple. She questioned whether they could potentially reconcile, given the love and hate that still existed between them. Ruhl also expressed concerns about being accepted by Thompson’s family and friends if they were to pursue a relationship again.

The divorce had been particularly difficult for Ruhl, as they had ended their marriage via text message. The lack of closure and the inability to have a proper conversation affected her mental state, leading to what she described as acting like “a looney tune” after the divorce. Ruhl acknowledged that her behavior was not the best and that the absence of closure had a significant impact on her emotions.

Despite their divorce and public feuding, Ruhl and Thompson recently found common ground when they spoke out about their mental health struggles during their time on Love Is Blind. This shared experience prompted Ruhl to consider reconnecting with her ex-husband.

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Ruhl emphasized that she is currently respecting Thompson’s boundaries and waiting for him to be ready to have a conversation. She believes that the ball is in his court and expressed her willingness to wait until he feels comfortable discussing their relationship.

Ruhl and Thompson’s relationship began during the second season of Love Is Blind, where they got engaged and eventually married. However, after over a year of marriage, Ruhl filed for divorce in August 2022. Their divorce announcement closely followed the separation of another Love Is Blind couple, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones.

Publicly, Ruhl and Thompson engaged in feuds after their split. Ruhl accused Thompson of not taking accountability for his faults in their marriage, while Thompson responded by stating that he had set boundaries with Ruhl for the sake of his mental health and healing.

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Surprisingly, on Sunday, Ruhl posted a photo on her Instagram account showing the two of them snuggling together. However, neither Ruhl nor Thompson have publicly commented on the status of their relationship, leaving fans speculating about a potential rekindling of their romance.

In conclusion, Danielle Ruhl has acknowledged her past behavior following her divorce from Nick Thompson. She has expressed remorse for her actions, offered a sincere apology, and is now waiting for Thompson’s readiness to engage in a conversation about their relationship. The Love Is Blind stars’ recent reunion and joint discussion about their mental health struggles have added complexity to their dynamic, leaving fans curious about the future of their relationship.