Marcus Mumford and Maggie Rogers Perform Taylor Swift’s ‘Cowboy Like Me’

Marcus Mumford and Maggie Rogers

At the inaugural Sommo Festival, which took place in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada, two talented musicians, Marcus Mumford and Maggie Rogers, collaborated on a special rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit song, “Cowboy Like Me.” The event saw Maggie Rogers headlining on Friday night, while Mumford & Sons took the stage on Saturday night.

During the encore of Mumford & Sons’ performance, Marcus Mumford humorously declared that sometimes there comes a point when the only option left is to play a Taylor Swift song. The crowd’s excitement grew as they recognized the track about to be performed.

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Marcus Mumford began singing the first verse of “Cowboy Like Me,” and then, to everyone’s delight, Maggie Rogers joined him on stage to harmonize with his vocals. The chemistry between the two artists was evident as their voices blended seamlessly, creating a beautiful rendition of the song.

“Cowboy Like Me” is a track from Taylor Swift’s critically acclaimed album “Evermore,” which was released in December 2020. Marcus Mumford’s involvement in the studio version of the song added an extra layer of excitement to the live performance, making it even more special for the audience.

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Interestingly, Taylor Swift herself had previously performed “Cowboy Like Me” during her tour, “The Eras Tour,” in March. She welcomed Marcus Mumford to join her on stage for the song, further emphasizing the camaraderie between the two musicians.

Maggie Rogers, an immensely talented singer-songwriter, is known for her unique blend of folk, pop, and electronic music. Her contributions to the duet with Marcus Mumford added a fresh and captivating touch to the performance, making it a memorable moment for the festival attendees.

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The Sommo Festival provided a perfect platform for such collaborations, showcasing the power of music to bring artists from different backgrounds together and create magical moments on stage.

In conclusion, Marcus Mumford and Maggie Rogers’ rendition of “Cowboy Like Me” at the Sommo Festival was a highlight of the event. Their collaborative performance demonstrated the power of music to connect artists and audiences alike, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness it.