Margot Robbie Didn’t Expect to Feel for a Doll, But ‘Barbie’ Changed That

Margot Robbie

Greta Gerwig had a special mission when directing the “Barbie” movie, adding a unique depth to the typical candy-coated comedy. In the film, Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, enjoys a blissful life in Barbie Land until she wakes up feeling different one day. She ventures to Los Angeles to find her owner, only to discover that kids are no longer interested in Barbie dolls.

Robbie, who also produced the film, collaborated with Gerwig and Noah Baumbach to write the script, knowing that Gerwig’s style would bring a fresh perspective to the story. The director wanted to approach the iconic Barbie from various angles with a big heart, embracing every character in the movie.

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The film doesn’t shy away from the criticisms that Barbie has faced since her creation in 1959, including concerns about consumerism, unrealistic body standards, and living a shallow life with her partner, Ken, portrayed by Ryan Gosling. However, the movie challenges these stereotypes and suggests that Barbie, like women everywhere, has been judged unfairly by double standards.

Gerwig, who has always known the arguments against Barbie, wanted to explore the character thoroughly. She found that everyone involved with the film had an opinion about Barbie, making her a complex and intriguing figure. Robbie shared her experience of occasionally playing with Barbies but preferred building forts and making mud pies. Gosling, while searching for his daughter’s Ken doll, realized the emotional depth that Ken’s character could offer in the movie.

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The film has attracted attention for Gerwig’s attention to detail, such as the extravagant all-pink Dreamhouse and Barbie’s graceful movements. While the film was anticipated to be humorous, Margot Robbie found herself pleasantly moved by its emotional depth. Barbie’s journey in the real world leads her to explore human experiences, from cathartic cries to accepting inevitable changes.

Robbie confessed that she didn’t expect to have so many profound conversations about life while working on the film. The character of Barbie unexpectedly became deeply relatable, leading Robbie to feel a newfound empathy for a doll.

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Gerwig’s unique take on the “Barbie” movie showcases her talent for storytelling, creating a film that goes beyond the surface of a plastic doll. The movie defies expectations, providing a heartwarming and thought-provoking experience for audiences.