Margot Robbie felt she wasn’t famous enough to be chosen for this movie

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, known for her roles in films like “Wolf of Wall Street,” has reflected on her journey in the film industry. Despite her success now, there was a time when she didn’t believe she was a big enough star to be cast in certain films.

When Robbie auditioned for “Wolf of Wall Street,” she never expected director Martin Scorsese to see her audition tape. However, to her surprise, she received a call saying that Scorsese wanted her to read with Leonardo DiCaprio in New York. Robbie was initially hesitant due to her contractual obligations with the TV show “Pan Am” and her reluctance to do nudity in the film. Fortunately, she was able to clear her schedule at the last minute and join the project.

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Even after being cast in “Wolf of Wall Street,” Robbie didn’t anticipate that she would receive much attention. She believed that the focus would be on DiCaprio, and she would go unnoticed. Little did she know that her role in the film would catapult her to superstardom.

Before her breakthrough in “Wolf of Wall Street,” Robbie had attempted to secure a role in “Z For Zachariah.” However, her lack of international recognition hindered her chances of getting the film funded. The producers believed that she didn’t have enough value to her name at that time. Another actress who had appeared in bigger budget films was cast instead.

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It was only after the success of “Wolf of Wall Street” that Robbie’s popularity skyrocketed. Her name carried more weight in the industry, and she finally had the opportunity to lead a film like “Z For Zachariah.” Robbie was drawn to the project because it allowed her to explore a character-driven story and showcase a different side of her acting abilities. She wanted to prove herself in a way that differed from her role in “Wolf of Wall Street.”

In preparing for her role in “Z For Zachariah,” Robbie had to master a specific southern accent. She had only five days to prepare before filming began. With the help of YouTube videos, she immersed herself in the accent and successfully portrayed the character.

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Overall, Robbie’s experience with “Wolf of Wall Street” and her subsequent rise to fame changed her perception of her own stardom. She realized that her talent and dedication could open doors for her, even in projects where she initially felt she didn’t belong.

Margot Robbie’s career serves as a reminder that success in the film industry can be unpredictable, and sometimes, the roles we least expect can become transformative opportunities.