Married at First Sight 2023: Evelyn and Duncan Officially Confirm Their Relationship.

Evelyn and Duncan

Evelyn and Duncan, who gained fame from the reality show “Married At First Sight” (MAFS), have been at the center of dating rumors. In a cute Q&A video for the show “Nine,” they opened up about their dating life and the exciting moments they’ve shared over the past months.

The couple revealed that they have been going on secret beach dates and enjoying seafood picnics together. However, they expressed their eagerness to come out publicly as a couple so that they can enjoy these experiences without having to sneak around.

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The rumors of Evelyn and Duncan dating were first reported by Yahoo Lifestyle. According to an insider, they are indeed “seeing each other” but are not yet officially boyfriend and girlfriend. They are taking things slow and getting to know each other better before rushing into a committed relationship. However, it’s clear that they both have strong feelings for each other and are genuinely interested.

There have been several signs pointing towards their romance in recent weeks. Evelyn shared a TikTok video showing Duncan with his arm around her, indicating their closeness. In another TikTok video, Duncan can be seen carrying Evelyn’s handbag, suggesting their comfort and familiarity with each other.

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Duncan also posted photos on Instagram, and one of them featured one of Evelyn’s dogs. This indicated that they were spending time together and further fueled the dating rumors. Moreover, footage surfaced on The Wash Online’s Instagram showing the couple dancing intimately at a Sydney club. Duncan lifted Evelyn, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, creating a buzz among fans.

According to a source from MAFS, Duncan became highly attracted to Evelyn after they got to know each other during the Couple Swap challenge. He had a great time with her, and it brought out his fun side. The insider revealed that Duncan often wondered what it would have been like if they had been matched from the start. His strong attraction to Evelyn is evident.

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As the rumors continue to swirl, fans eagerly anticipate an official confirmation from Evelyn and Duncan about their relationship status. They have captured the hearts of viewers with their chemistry and genuine connection on the show. It remains to be seen how their relationship will progress and whether they will continue to build a strong bond beyond the cameras.

In the meantime, fans will eagerly follow their journey and hope to see more adorable moments between Evelyn and Duncan. The couple’s openness and honesty about their feelings and experiences have only endeared them further to their dedicated fan base.