Maura Higgins from ‘Love Island USA’ Season 5 shares 2 surprising revelations and hints for upcoming challenge

Maura Higgins

Maura Higgins, known for her captivating entry into the ‘Love Island’ villa during Season 5 in 2019, has landed a new role in the ‘Love Island USA’ franchise. While Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea took home the winning title in that season, Maura won the hearts of viewers with her fiery personality and memorable moments.

‘Love Island USA’ returned for Season 5, introducing an exciting new cast that immediately stirred up drama in the premiere episode. One of the new cast members, Bergie, left viewers on the edge of their seats as he received a mysterious text at the end of the episode, hinting at a surprise appearance in the next one. Adding to the anticipation, Maura dropped some tantalizing hints, referring to them as “two bombshells.”

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After the premiere episode of ‘Love Island USA’, Maura took to her social media, specifically Instagram Stories, to share the “two bombshells” with her followers. In her videos, Maura first reminisced about her own time on the show and left a positive note in the dressing room for the new girls, hoping to spare them from any difficult experiences. However, she soon found a note on the other side of the villa with some intriguing information. Reading it hesitantly, she revealed that it said, “Two bombshells gonna in on night one.” Maura left the note in place, fearing possible repercussions, but she couldn’t resist adding some excitement to the upcoming game by hiding the first hint, which read, “Stir the pot.” Then, she proceeded to hide another clue, saying, “Funny flutters,” under a pillow in one of the villa rooms.

While Maura didn’t explicitly disclose the exact details of the “two bombshells,” the premiere episode did present two significant twists. The couples were required to vote for the least compatible couple, putting them at risk of elimination. On top of that, the girls had the option to “stick or twist” by standing on the five hearts drawn on the beach.

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In a series of hints dropped over time, Maura had been teasing her involvement with the ‘Love Island USA’ franchise once again. Finally, it was officially confirmed that she would be the new social ambassador for the show. As the social host, Maura will provide fans with all the juicy behind-the-scenes gossip and exclusive content from the ‘Love Island USA’ experience. She joyfully announced the news on her social media, expressing her excitement to be back with the show and sharing the latest updates with viewers.

‘Love Island USA’ Season 5 premiered on Peacock on July 18, delivering a thrilling and eventful start to the season. The show is set to release new episodes every day at 9 pm ET during premiere week, followed by releases on Thursdays through Tuesdays on Peacock.

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With Maura’s entertaining presence and the promise of unexpected twists, ‘Love Island USA’ Season 5 is already off to an exciting and drama-filled start, promising an engaging and thrilling viewing experience for fans.