Meghan Markle could be the first guest on Gayle King’s talk show, playfully named King Charles

Meghan Markle

A new prime-time talk show called “King Charles” is planning to have Meghan Markle as its first guest. The show will be hosted by Gayle King and Charles Barkley, and its focus has not been publicly defined yet. Insiders believe that having Meghan Markle as the guest would attract a large audience for the show’s launch and help improve her public image.

However, it’s important to note that this rumor has not been confirmed by Meghan Markle or her representatives. Gayle King is currently known for her friendship with Oprah Winfrey and anchors “CBS Mornings,” while Charles Barkley is a former professional basketball player and a sports analyst.

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Recent polls show mixed public opinions about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. In the UK, a significant number of people surveyed dislike Meghan and Harry. Similarly, in the US, their approval ratings have dropped after the release of Harry’s memoir and the revelations from the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan.”

The couple recently claimed to have been chased by aggressive photographers in New York City, but some have questioned the validity of their claims. Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” expressed skepticism about car chases happening in NYC. Despite the backlash, Gayle King defended Meghan and Harry, emphasizing the importance of considering their feelings in that moment.

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Gayle King has been supportive of the couple in the past, attending their wedding and expressing belief in the strength of their marriage. However, her intention to have Meghan as the first guest on her show may also be motivated by a desire to boost the show’s success and secure exclusive interviews. It is suggested that Gayle is aiming to present herself as skilled in landing significant interviews and wants to make a strong start with her new show.

The focus and format of “King Charles” are still unknown, but Gayle King has expressed her excitement about the show and wants viewers to tune in to see what she and Charles Barkley will bring to the table.

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