Melissa McCarthy recalls a difficult and unpleasant set that made her feel physically unwell

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy, known for her role in “The Little Mermaid” reboot, recently shared her positive experiences working on the film. However, she also revealed a past traumatic experience on a different project.

In an interview with the Observer, McCarthy discussed a toxic film production where she and others on set faced emotional and physical distress. While she didn’t disclose the filmmaker or project’s name, she described the hostile environment that made her physically ill.

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People were visibly upset and weeping due to the volatile behavior of one person. McCarthy explained how this person would fire people she cared about to keep her silent, which was an effective manipulation tactic. Eventually, she decided to speak up and put an end to the mistreatment.

This experience taught McCarthy what not to tolerate on a set. She and her husband, Ben Falcone, now have a vetting process called a “crazy check” to ensure a positive working environment. They prioritize a respectful atmosphere where everyone’s opinions matter and egos are left aside.

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In “The Little Mermaid,” McCarthy portrays the captivating villain Ursula, a character she has admired for a long time. She fought hard for the role after the announcement of the live-action remake. McCarthy saw the character in a new light, especially after going through the COVID-19 pandemic, and connected with Ursula’s isolation and fragile mental state.

She expressed her love for the character’s complexity and humor, appreciating the opportunity to bring Ursula to life. McCarthy found the portrayal challenging and intriguing, considering Ursula’s years of loneliness accompanied only by two eels.

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“The Little Mermaid” is set to release in theaters on Friday, allowing audiences to witness McCarthy’s performance as Ursula.