Michael Cera remembers being hit by Rihanna during the filming of This Is the End

Michael Cera

Michael Cera recently spoke about his experience working with Rihanna in the 2013 comedy film “This Is the End.”

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the 35-year-old actor reminisced about a particular scene in the movie where Rihanna slaps him for real. In the scene, Cera’s character playfully hits Rihanna’s butt, and he thought it would be funnier and more realistic if she actually hit him back.

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Cera mentioned that it didn’t take much convincing to get Rihanna on board with the idea. He believed that a genuine slap would look better on camera and would have a greater comedic impact. The actor admitted that he was into it and had no regrets about the decision.

The slap from Rihanna was so real that it disoriented Cera. In fact, the take with the real slap ended up being used in the final cut of the film. Despite the discomfort, Cera assured that he didn’t suffer any hearing loss from the incident and considered it a memorable experience.

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In “This Is the End,” both Cera and Rihanna portrayed fictionalized versions of themselves. The movie revolves around a star-studded party at James Franco’s house, where an apocalypse begins. During the chaotic events, Cera’s character meets a gruesome fate by getting impaled on a lamppost, while Rihanna’s character falls down a sinkhole.

Apart from his role in “This Is the End,” Michael Cera has been involved in various other projects. He recently made a cameo appearance in the sixth season of the popular TV series “Black Mirror.” In the episode titled “Joan Is Awful,” Cera played a version of himself alongside actors Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy from “Schitt’s Creek.”

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Cera’s upcoming project includes an appearance in the highly anticipated Barbie film, set to be released on July 21. Details about his role in the movie have not been disclosed yet, but fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing him on the big screen.

In conclusion, Michael Cera shared his experience of working with Rihanna in “This Is the End,” specifically highlighting the scene where she slapped him for real. Despite the initial disorientation, Cera expressed no regrets about the decision, as he believed the authentic slap added to the comedic value of the scene. Alongside his past and upcoming projects, Cera continues to entertain audiences with his versatile acting skills.