Michael K. Williams’ Nephew Asks for Compassion During Defendant’s Sentencing for Actor’s Death

Michael K. Williams

A 71-year-old man, Carlos Macci, connected to drug dealers involved in the fentanyl-laced heroin death of actor Michael K. Williams received a prison sentence of 2.5 years. The sentencing took place after Williams’ tragic overdose in his Brooklyn penthouse apartment in September 2021 at the age of 54.

Macci pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess and distribute narcotics but was not directly charged in the actor’s death. Nonetheless, U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams pointed out that his actions not only cost Williams his life but also affected his own freedom, as he continued to sell drugs even after Williams’ death.

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Despite having over 20 previous convictions and multiple drug-related convictions since 2016, Macci received a lighter sentence due to heartfelt words spoken on his behalf by Williams’ nephew and a letter from David Simon, co-creator of HBO’s “The Wire,” urging leniency. Simon emphasized that Williams, known for his role as Omar Little in “The Wire,” opposed mass incarceration and engaged with restorative justice groups.

Dominic Dupont, Williams’ nephew, expressed hope that Macci could turn his life around, acknowledging the impact of the drug crisis on individuals like him.

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In the letter, Simon recalled Williams’ struggles with addiction during the show’s third season and how he found support from a crew member to resist temptation. Simon regretfully stated that he missed his friend but believed that Williams would understand that he bore more responsibility for what happened than Macci. He added that incarcerating a 71-year-old man with a history of addiction would not bring any positive change.

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In conclusion, the 71-year-old man linked to Michael K. Williams’ drug-related death received a 2 1/2-year prison sentence, while Williams’ nephew and David Simon advocated for compassion and understanding considering the complexities of addiction and the drug crisis.