Miranda Lambert scolds fans for taking photos during her concert

Miranda Lambert

Country singer Miranda Lambert wasn’t pleased when some fans decided to take a photo during her concert, and she called them out for it. During her Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas Residency at Planet Hollywood, a TikTok video went viral on July 16, showing Miranda performing “Tin Man” and stopping the show to address the issue.

She tells the audience, “I’m gonna stop right here for a second,” and points out the fans taking photos. Lambert expresses her frustration, saying, “These girls are worried about a selfie and not listening to the song. It’s pissing me off a little bit. I don’t like it at all. You came here to listen to some country music tonight, and I’m singing some country d— music.”

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To emphasize her point, she motions for the people taking photos to sit down with her hands. After her brief interruption, Lambert continues with the song, but the incident leaves some fans upset. In the video, one person is seen getting up and telling their group to leave, saying, “Let’s go. Come on. We don’t do that to fans.”

The comments section on the TikTok post reflects mixed reactions from fans. While some defend Miranda’s stance, others believe she could have handled the situation differently. Some suggest she could have finished the song and then made a general statement about being present in the moment and staying off phones.

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After the video gained traction, people reached out to Miranda Lambert for comment, but she hasn’t responded publicly as of the time of publication.

One of the fans called out by Lambert, Adela Calin, later shared her perspective on the incident with NBC News. She expressed feeling “appalled” and compared the situation to being scolded by a teacher at school. Calin stated that they only took a quick photo and were planning to sit back down. She felt that Lambert wanted to portray them as young, immature, and vain, even though they were just regular women in their 30s to 60s trying to capture a moment at the end of the show.

The incident has sparked debate among fans, with some supporting Lambert’s desire for concertgoers to be fully present during performances. Others, however, feel she could have addressed the issue with more understanding and empathy.

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Despite the varying opinions, it’s clear that Miranda Lambert’s actions have garnered significant attention and discussion on social media platforms. As of now, Lambert has not provided further comments on the matter.