‘Money Heist’ actor Alvaro Morte and Sony Pictures Television announce talent agreement for creating English-language TV series.

Alvaro Morte

Álvaro Morte, widely recognized for his role as the Professor in the popular series “Money Heist,” has entered into a multi-year producing deal with Sony Pictures Television. The agreement involves Morte’s Madrid-based production company, 300 Pistolas, which he co-founded with Blanca Clemente. This marks the transition of 300 Pistolas from a theater company to a producer of scripted television content.

As part of the deal, Morte will focus on developing English-language scripted series exclusively with Sony Pictures Television. Both Morte and Clemente will serve as producers on these projects through 300 Pistolas. They will also have access to the development teams at Sony Pictures Television. Additionally, Sony Pictures Television will act as the exclusive production and distribution partner for any projects created under this agreement.

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Prior to his breakthrough role in “Money Heist,” Morte gained recognition for his work in the Spanish daily TV series “The Secret of Puente Viejo.” Alongside his acting career, Morte directed free adaptations of Spanish classics through 300 Pistolas, earning him respect in the industry.

The global success of “Money Heist” propelled Morte’s career to new heights and provided him with opportunities in international series. He showcased his talent in the English-language psychological thriller “The Head” and had a supporting role in “The Wheel of Time,” a high-fantasy TV series co-produced by Sony Pictures Television for Amazon’s Prime Video. Morte also portrayed Sebastián Elcano in the Spanish epic historical entertainment “Boundless” and will appear in the upcoming film “Immaculate” alongside Sydney Sweeney.

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Sony Pictures Television views the collaboration with Álvaro Morte as the beginning of a fruitful and ongoing partnership. They acknowledge Morte’s increasing global recognition and aim to establish him as a producer in English-language shows. Brendan Fitzgerald, SVP of International Co-productions at Sony Pictures Television, expressed enthusiasm about Morte’s rise to fame and his potential as a producer. He believes that Sony Pictures Television is the perfect partner for Morte’s next career phase.

Morte himself expressed excitement about the deal, stating that he and Clemente had been eager to venture into production and the development of audiovisual fiction. He considers Sony Pictures Television an ideal partner for this endeavor, appreciating the consistency, confidence, and comfort that the alliance brings. Morte is looking forward to the creative process ahead and has enjoyed working closely with Brendan Fitzgerald and the team at Sony Pictures Television.

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With this partnership, Álvaro Morte and 300 Pistolas are poised to explore new horizons and create captivating English-language television content. Morte’s success in “Money Heist” has laid a solid foundation for his career, and the collaboration with Sony Pictures Television will further expand his creative opportunities in the industry.