Moneybagg Yo Releases ‘Hard to Love’ Mixtape: Listen to It Now

Moneybagg Yo

Moneybagg Yo has released his highly anticipated mixtape, “Hard to Love: Heartless Edition,” showcasing his raw and vulnerable lyricism. The mixtape, which includes collaborations with notable artists like Future and Lil Durk, comes after the success of Moneybagg Yo’s previous album, “A Gangsta’s Pain.”

Originally scheduled for a May 26 release, “Hard to Love” features pre-release singles such as “Quickie,” “Ocean Spray,” and the popular “On What U On” featuring GloRilla. The latter track reached No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100, further solidifying Moneybagg Yo’s presence in the music industry.

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In an Instagram post on May 10, Moneybagg Yo penned an intimate letter to his fans, expressing the emotional journey he has been through. He shared, “I gained and lost more than I ever thought I would and had no other safe outlet for all the emotions and dark thoughts that came with that other than making music.” This mixtape serves as a platform for him to channel those emotions and provide a glimpse into his personal experiences.

Hard to Love: Heartless Edition marks Moneybagg Yo’s fourth studio album and his first release since his album “A Gangsta’s Pain” topped the Billboard 200 chart. The album achieved significant success with multiple tracks making it onto the Hot 100, including “Wockesha” (No. 20), “Hard for the Next” featuring Future (No. 49), and “Time Today” (No. 31).

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Moneybagg Yo’s authenticity and vulnerability have always resonated with his fans, and he promises to delve even deeper with this mixtape. In an Instagram caption, he emphasized that “Hard to Love” is dedicated to his core fanbase and the streets, rather than catering to industry expectations.

The mixtape features collaborations with some of Moneybagg Yo’s favorite artists, showcasing a diverse range of talents and styles. Artists like Future, Lil Durk, GloRilla, and Fridayy have contributed to the project, adding their unique touch to the tracks.

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With 27 Hot 100 hits to his name and several projects reaching the top 10 of the Billboard 200, Moneybagg Yo has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His ability to connect with his audience and deliver authentic and relatable music has contributed to his continued success.

Fans can now stream Moneybagg Yo’s “Hard to Love: Heartless Edition” in its entirety, immersing themselves in the artist’s captivating storytelling and emotional journey. The mixtape is a testament to Moneybagg Yo’s growth as an artist and his commitment to staying true to himself and his core fanbase.