Monica Reacts on Defending Fan During Detroit Show: My Instincts Took Over


Monica, the renowned singer, has become a hero after she took action to defend a woman from a man who was allegedly trying to harm her during a concert last Friday. In an interview with CNN, Monica shared the reasons behind her decision to step off the stage and intervene in the incident, which has since garnered significant attention on social media.

The singer explained that her primary concern was for the safety of the woman in the audience. She didn’t want to witness any harm coming to her, especially since the woman had come to enjoy the concert featuring both Monica and Ashanti. Monica expressed her belief that concerts should be a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees and wanted to bring about a change in the atmosphere that has sometimes turned into dangerous spaces.

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When the incident unfolded, Monica’s instincts kicked in, and she acted without hesitation. She humbly stated that she doesn’t consider herself a superhero, but she acted based on what she would hope someone would do if her own family members were in a similar situation. She observed that the woman appeared to be older, which only increased her concern for her safety.

The video of the incident went viral on social media platforms, capturing the moment when Monica firmly exclaimed, “Ah-ah-ah, no! Don’t you hit her like that!” Afterward, she requested the venue’s security team to escort the man out of the crowd before resuming her performance. However, the singer’s commitment to the well-being of her audience didn’t stop there. She bravely jumped into the crowd herself to confront the man directly.

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During her interaction with the man, the security team can be heard urging everyone to move back as they worked to handle the situation. Monica’s determination to protect the woman was evident when she declared, “You don’t hit a f—ing lady like that!” before returning to the stage. Following the incident, she apologized to the audience for the interruption.

Monica’s actions have been widely praised by fans and followers on social media, where her heroism quickly garnered attention. Her focus on creating a safe environment for concertgoers and standing up against violence has resonated with many.

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The Grammy-winning artist emphasized that every person who attends her concerts should have a good time and return home safely to their families. Her protective stance and caring attitude towards her fans reflect her genuine concern for people’s well-being. The incident has not only highlighted Monica’s talent as a singer but also showcased her admirable character and courage in defending others.