Morgan Wallen Forced to Skip ACM Awards and 14 Tour Stops Due to Vocal Cord Injury.

Morgan Wallen

Country singer Morgan Wallen has announced that he will not be performing at the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards and will be postponing several shows on his current tour. This decision comes after Wallen revealed that he has injured his vocal cords and has been advised by his doctors to take a break from performing.

In a video posted on his social media accounts, Wallen shared the news and explained that he received the recommendation from the Vanderbilt Voice Center after experiencing discomfort during his recent shows in Florida. He underwent a scope examination, which revealed that he had reinjured his vocal cords and was suffering from vocal fold trauma.

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As a result, Wallen will be on vocal rest for six weeks and will be rescheduling the affected shows. He expressed his disappointment about not being able to perform at the ACM Awards and the ACM Lifting Lives show, but emphasized the importance of prioritizing his health and following medical advice. Wallen assured his fans that the dates will be rescheduled and thanked them for their understanding and support.

Wallen’s recent album, “One Thing at a Time,” has been enjoying immense success, topping Billboard’s album chart for the past nine weeks. However, his career has not been without controversy. Earlier this year, a video surfaced showing Wallen using a racial slur, which led to backlash and repercussions. Wallen has since apologized for his actions and has been working on personal growth and education.

This is not the first time Wallen has faced tour cancellations. Previously, he had to cancel a show at the University of Mississippi due to losing his voice. Vocal fold trauma, the condition Wallen is currently facing, is often caused by excessive and improper use of the voice.

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In his video statement, Wallen acknowledged the seriousness of his injury and the potential long-term consequences if he doesn’t properly rest his voice. He emphasized that he wants to prioritize his career’s longevity and ensure that he recovers fully.

Despite the setback, Wallen remains grateful for the support he has received from his fans and the success of his music. He is determined to take the necessary steps to heal and come back stronger. Wallen’s fans can look forward to the rescheduled tour dates and continue to support him throughout this recovery process.

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Overall, Morgan Wallen’s decision to prioritize his health and follow medical advice is a reminder of the importance of self-care and taking necessary breaks to ensure long-term well-being. His resilience and commitment to personal growth are evident, and his fans continue to stand by him as he navigates these challenges in his career.