Netflix’s religious series ‘The Chosen’ allowed to keep filming despite the SAG-AFTRA strike.

The Chosen

“The Chosen,” a popular faith-based series on Netflix, has been granted permission to continue filming its fourth season despite the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. The news was shared on the show’s official Twitter account, announcing that they received a waiver to resume production.

The strike initiated by SAG-AFTRA has led many TV shows and productions to halt their filming, but “The Chosen” managed to secure an exemption. The series is independently funded, which allowed it to apply for an interim agreement, enabling them to continue filming without violating the strike order.

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The creator of “The Chosen,” Dallas Jenkins, expressed his support for SAG-AFTRA’s requests and clarified that Season 4 is entirely independent and financed through donations. The production team promptly submitted all the required paperwork to comply with the exemption process.

“The Chosen” centers on the life of Jesus Christ, portrayed by Jonathan Roumie, and explores the stories of the people who encountered him during his time. The show has gained a significant following and has received positive feedback for its portrayal of biblical events.

According to SAG-AFTRA’s guidelines, projects that qualify as “independently produced content” can seek interim agreements, allowing them to resume production during the strike. This ensures that deserving projects with independent funding can continue without facing undue restrictions.

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“The Chosen” is not the only production to receive approval for an interim agreement. Other shows, like Simon West’s action comedy “Bride Hard,” featuring Rebel Wilson, and Bryan Fuller’s “Dust Bunny,” have also been granted exemptions.

In addition to independently funded projects, soap operas have also been allowed to resume production during the strike. This exception applies because soap operas fall under SAG-AFTRA’s National Code of Fair Practice for Network Television Broadcasting, known as the Network Code or Netcode.

The strike has brought attention to important issues faced by actors, crew members, and industry professionals. It serves as a reminder of the need for fair working conditions and equitable treatment within the entertainment industry.

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While the strike may have disrupted many productions, “The Chosen” is one of the fortunate shows to continue its filming journey, thanks to its independent funding and compliance with SAG-AFTRA’s requirements.

As the strike continues, negotiations between the union and industry representatives are ongoing, aiming to address the concerns raised by the entertainment community and finding a resolution that benefits all parties involved.