Nick Cannon expresses his aspiration to match Jamie Foxx’s legacy as the host of Beat Shazam

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon recently took over as the temporary host of Fox’s interactive music game show, Beat Shazam, in the absence of regular host Jamie Foxx and his daughter and co-host, Corinne. During the season 6 premiere on Tuesday night, viewers immediately noticed the change, and Cannon addressed the situation at the beginning of the episode. He jokingly acknowledged that he is not Jamie Foxx but expressed his honor at being asked to fill in. Cannon made it clear that the show still belonged to Foxx, who had hosted it for five seasons and given away nearly $12 million in prize money.

The reason for Foxx’s absence was his recovery from a medical complication that led to his hospitalization on April 11. To support her father during this time, Corinne chose to step back from her role as the show’s DJ. Cannon also mentioned that Kelly Osbourne would be joining the show as the new guest DJ.

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During the premiere, Cannon shared his hope of upholding Foxx’s legacy on the show. He outlined the three key elements he aimed to deliver: playing the biggest hit songs, throwing an exciting party every night, and giving away a whopping $1 million prize. The audience enthusiastically responded to Cannon’s question about the prize money, showing their support for the show’s format.

Jamie Foxx has been an integral part of Beat Shazam since its debut in 2017, serving as the host and executive producer. The game show features teams of two competing against each other and the clock to identify popular songs. The team with the most money at the end gets a chance to win a grand prize of $1 million by competing against the song identification app, Shazam.

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Foxx’s recent absence was due to a medical complication that required him to spend several weeks in a Georgia medical facility. While initial reports suggested the incident didn’t happen on the set of his Netflix project, Back in Action with Cameron Diaz, Foxx remained quiet about the specifics. However, he later broke his silence on Instagram, expressing his gratitude for the love and support he received during his recovery.

Corinne Foxx also took to Instagram to address rumors and provide an update on her father’s health. She refuted claims that her family was preparing for the worst and assured fans that her father had been out of the hospital for weeks, emphasizing his recovery. Corinne even shared a lighthearted detail about her father’s recent activity, mentioning that he had been playing pickleball.

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In conclusion, Nick Cannon temporarily hosted Beat Shazam while Jamie Foxx recovered from a medical complication. Cannon aimed to maintain the show’s spirit and fulfill Foxx’s legacy in his absence. Foxx and his daughter expressed their appreciation for the support they received during this challenging time. The audience eagerly awaits Jamie Foxx’s return, while Cannon brings his own energy and charm to the show in the interim.