Nick Kyrgios suggests he may pursue a career in Hollywood

Nick Kyrgios

Tennis player Nick Kyrgios has sparked speculation about a potential career in acting after a surprising interaction with Hollywood star Ben Stiller on Wednesday. The 28-year-old tennis champion took to Twitter and mentioned that he was contemplating coaching athletes, asking if anyone was interested. Little did he expect the response he received from the 57-year-old Zoolander star.

Ben Stiller, known for his comedic roles, responded to Kyrgios’ tweet, stating, “I’m open to it. But would need to know you’re serious.” This unexpected offer caught Kyrgios off guard, but he wasted no time in making a counter offer. He responded to Stiller, suggesting that if Stiller agreed to coach him to compete in a professional tournament, he would coach Stiller to prepare for a role in a movie.

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The humorous exchange continued when Stiller cheekily replied, “First we need to decide who is coaching who.” Kyrgios’ fans were ecstatic about the interaction and eagerly encouraged Stiller to follow through on his part of the bargain so they could witness Kyrgios’ acting debut on the big screen. Some fans even suggested the possibility of Kyrgios making a cameo appearance in a new Dodgeball movie, highlighting their enthusiasm for the idea.

This recent exchange comes after Kyrgios hinted at his much-anticipated return to tennis. His girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, revealed that they would be leaving their home for an extended period of “four or five months.” Kyrgios has been absent from tour matches since the Japan Open seven months ago due to knee surgery. Despite his previous reluctance to participate in the clay-court slog of the French Open, he had promised to take Hatzi, who had never been to Paris before, to the tournament.

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Costeen Hatzi, an interior designer and social media influencer, frequently accompanies Kyrgios to his sporting events and has been a supportive presence in his life. Kyrgios has attributed her positive influence to his successful tennis career in 2022. The couple’s decision to leave their home for an extended time has fueled speculation about Kyrgios’ comeback to the sport.

Fans and followers of Kyrgios eagerly anticipate his return to professional tennis and the potential pursuit of an acting career. While it remains to be seen whether the coaching exchange with Stiller will materialize, the humorous interaction has generated excitement and curiosity. Kyrgios’ talents and larger-than-life personality continue to captivate both tennis enthusiasts and those who enjoy his entertaining off-court antics.

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