Olivia Plath Shares Dinner Party Photo with Ethan Plath Amid Breakup Rumors

Olivia Plath

Olivia Plath and her husband Ethan Plath, stars of the reality show “Welcome to Plathville,” recently attended a dinner party together, dispelling rumors that the couple had split. Olivia, 25, shared a photo of the dinner party on her Instagram Story, showing Ethan, 25, sitting beside her. She captioned the post with a simple heart hands emoji.

Speculation about the couple’s relationship arose earlier this year when Olivia had not posted any pictures with Ethan since November 2022, and Ethan’s last public tribute to Olivia was in January. In March, when Ethan went on a road trip with his siblings, Olivia was noticeably absent from the photos. However, both Ethan and Olivia continued to like and comment on each other’s social media posts, adding to the confusion surrounding their relationship status.

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In June, Olivia addressed the rumors after coming across a post on the Realiteasquad Instagram account claiming that Olivia’s sister, Sophia, had confirmed their divorce and the upcoming release of season 5 of “Welcome to Plathville.” In response to the post, Olivia clarified that she and her sister had a strained relationship due to their differing worldviews and experiences growing up in an ultra-religious environment. Olivia stated that Sophia was not a reliable source for her personal information and emphasized that if there was anything to share about her relationship with Ethan, they would do so themselves.

Recently, a fan asked Olivia if she was happy despite the ongoing rumors. Olivia responded that she was indeed happy, although she did not mention Ethan’s name explicitly. She explained that the unexpected death of her 15-year-old brother, Micah Meggs, in May had led her to reflect on her life and beliefs. Micah was tragically killed in a car accident while riding an electric bike. Olivia shared that going back home for his funeral made her contemplate the world she grew up in, the ultra-religious Christian world, and the kind of life she wants to create for herself as an adult. Despite the challenges and grief she has faced, Olivia expressed that she is at peace with her journey and where she is in life.

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“Welcome to Plathville” is a reality show that follows the Plath family, known for their conservative and religious values. Olivia joined the show in 2019, and her relationship with Ethan, one of the Plath children, has been a central storyline. The show highlights the family’s dynamics and their different approaches to life and faith.

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Fans of the show can now stream “Welcome to Plathville” on the streaming platform Max, allowing them to keep up with the family’s ongoing journey and developments in Olivia and Ethan’s relationship. Despite the rumors and speculation, the couple’s recent appearance at the dinner party suggests that they are still together and working through any challenges they may be facing.