Paris Hilton and Kim Petras team up to revisit ‘Stars Are Blind’ after 17 years

Paris Hilton and Kim Petras

Paris Hilton and Kim Petras have joined forces to revisit the iconic song “Stars Are Blind” after a whopping 17 years. Hilton, known for her influence on the club scene, has released a new version of the track titled “Paris’ Version,” featuring her good friend Petras.

The song begins with Hilton’s familiar vocals accompanied by a fresh take on the original beat. Petras then adds her own flair with a new verse, singing lines like “Baby baby, I can be your confidante” and “Why shouldn’t we be with the ones we really love? Now tell me who else you’ve been dreaming of.”

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Back in December, Hilton unveiled a solo version of the song exclusively on Amazon Music. She re-recorded her vocals for this rendition and collaborated with Fernando Garibay, who had produced the original track 15 years ago. Clint Gibbs was brought in to mix the project. This release served as a preview of the “brand new music” that Hilton has in store for 2023.

In recent years, Hilton has made occasional live performances of “Stars Are Blind.” She notably sang the song alongside Sia and Miley Cyrus during NBC’s Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party last year. Additionally, she surprised fans by joining Christina Aguilera on stage at a Los Angeles Pride concert in June, where they performed the hit track for the first time in years. Previously, Hilton had only performed the song at Britney Spears’ wedding and a Grammys afterparty.

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The re-release of the single on all platforms comes just before Hilton’s highly anticipated first-ever concert at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. It also coincides with Petras’ upcoming album, “Feed the Beast,” set to drop on June 23.

Hilton and Petras have maintained a supportive friendship over the years. In fact, Hilton made a cameo appearance in Petras’ music video for “I Don’t Want It At All” in 2017. Hilton expressed her admiration for Petras, stating, “I love Kim so much. I was in her first music video, and we have a new song together,” in an interview with Billboard in December.

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Their friendship has been evident at various events as well. The duo attended the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards together and were spotted side-by-side at this year’s Met Gala. While Hilton has only contributed her vocals to two short songs for her Netflix series, “Cooking with Paris,” in recent years, she has been actively involved in the music scene, collaborating on EDM tracks like “I Blame You” with LODATO and “Melting” with the Electric Polar Bears.

With the reimagined version of “Stars Are Blind,” fans can look forward to the fusion of Hilton’s signature sound and Petras’ unique style. This collaboration is a testament to their enduring friendship and their shared passion for creating memorable music.