Paul Rudd and Jenna Ortega to Star in ‘Death of a Unicorn

Paul Rudd, Jenna Ortega

Actors Paul Rudd and Jenna Ortega are teaming up for an exciting new movie called “Death of a Unicorn.” The film is set to be a black horror comedy and will begin filming in Hungary soon.

In the movie, Paul Rudd and Jenna Ortega will play the roles of a father and daughter who encounter a unicorn while driving in their car. As fate would have it, they end up hitting the mythical creature. Intrigued by their unusual discovery, they decide to bring the unicorn to a retreat. However, things take a dark and unexpected turn when a CEO becomes involved in the situation, impacting not only the father-daughter duo but also the fate of the magical creature itself. The film promises a unique and thrilling storyline, with elements of both horror and comedy.

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“Death of a Unicorn” is produced by A24 Studio, a renowned production company known for its work on several critically acclaimed films. Interestingly, this movie is among the 39 projects that will not be affected by the ongoing Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strike. The strike was initiated by SAG-AFTRA against various film and TV companies due to several issues, including concerns about the use and impact of artificial intelligence, disparities in pay, and profit-sharing arrangements.

The film’s production being unaffected by the strike means that fans can look forward to seeing Paul Rudd and Jenna Ortega deliver standout performances without any delays or disruptions. As two talented and versatile actors, their on-screen chemistry is likely to bring depth and authenticity to their characters, making the movie all the more engaging for viewers.

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A24 Studio’s involvement in “Death of a Unicorn” also adds to the excitement surrounding the project. The studio has gained a reputation for producing thought-provoking and boundary-pushing films, and fans can expect nothing less from this upcoming movie.

As the filming is set to take place in Hungary, fans may also get treated to breathtaking landscapes and visually stunning scenes that add to the overall cinematic experience. The country’s rich history and beautiful locations could serve as a perfect backdrop for the dark and fantastical elements of the film.

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In conclusion, “Death of a Unicorn” is shaping up to be an intriguing and captivating movie, featuring the talents of Paul Rudd and Jenna Ortega. With its unique blend of horror and comedy, along with the involvement of A24 Studio, the film has the potential to become a standout addition to the horror-comedy genre. Fans eagerly await its release to witness the magic that unfolds on screen when these talented actors bring the story to life.