Pedro Pascal Explains Why He Started Saying No to Fans’ Common Selfie Request

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal reveals the reason behind declining fans’ popular selfie request

Pedro Pascal, known for his roles in Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian, recently shared an interesting insight into his interactions with fans. In the early years of his career, fans would often ask him to take selfies with their thumbs in his eyes, referencing a gruesome scene from Game of Thrones where his character met a grisly end. At first, Pedro found the request amusing and happily obliged. However, he soon discovered that fulfilling this popular selfie request had some unintended consequences.

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During a discussion on The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actors roundtable, Pedro revealed that due to the repeated thumb-in-eye selfies, he developed an eye infection. Initially, he was thrilled with the success of his Game of Thrones character and the enthusiasm of fans. But the eye infection made him realize that this particular selfie trend wasn’t worth the potential health risks. Pedro shared this experience with his fellow actors, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and considering one’s well-being, even in the face of fan requests.

Since his role in The Mandalorian, Pedro has encountered a different kind of request from fans. Instead of eye-related selfies, people now approach him asking to do the character’s voice for their children. However, Pedro finds this request inappropriate because the voice he uses for The Mandalorian is breathy and has a low register, which he believes sounds creepy and isn’t suitable for real-life situations.

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This anecdote highlights the unique and sometimes unexpected interactions that actors have with their fans. Pedro Pascal has gracefully embraced his fame and the admiration of his supporters. However, he also recognizes the need to establish boundaries and prioritize his own well-being. As an actor, he has experienced both the positive and negative impacts his performances can have on fans. While he appreciates the enthusiasm, he has learned to navigate these interactions with a sense of humor and careful consideration of his own comfort.

Pedro’s story serves as a reminder that celebrities, despite their public personas, are individuals who need to maintain their personal boundaries and prioritize their health. While fans’ excitement and admiration are important, it is crucial to remember that actors are not just their characters and have their own lives outside of their roles. Pedro Pascal’s experience sheds light on the balance celebrities must strike between engaging with their fans and protecting their own well-being.

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