People criticize Meghan for being untalented following the failure of her Spotify podcast deal.

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is facing criticism and being labeled as talentless by a prominent Hollywood agent. Jeremy Zimmer, the CEO of United Talent Agency, expressed his opinion after Spotify and the Sussexes’ $20 million podcast deal ended prematurely. Zimmer, who represents renowned talents like Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch, remarked that he was not surprised by the deal’s failure. During a discussion on podcasting at an event in Cannes, France, Zimmer reportedly stated that Meghan Markle lacked audio talent and overall talent, emphasizing that fame does not equate to greatness in a particular field.

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The criticism towards the Sussexes intensified following the conclusion of their podcasting journey with Spotify. One executive even referred to Harry and Meghan as “grifters.” Spotify announced the end of the partnership after just one season of Meghan’s Archetypes podcast and a short holiday special. The statement released by both parties expressed mutual agreement to part ways while acknowledging the pride in the series they created together. Reports surfaced that Netflix and Spotify executives were underwhelmed by the couple’s lack of productivity and ideas, leading to their disappointment.

The production of the podcast series encountered difficulties in securing guests, with the Duchess frequently requesting late changes. Archewell employees admitted to a lack of direction within the company, and the Sussexes themselves seemed surprised by the effort required to complete entertainment projects. Additionally, it came to light that Meghan personally contacted Taylor Swift, asking her to be a guest on Archetypes, but the singer declined through a spokesperson.

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While an Archewell spokesperson highlighted that changes are common during the start-up phase of new companies, the criticism suggests that the company is facing challenges. The Sussexes’ Netflix projects are also facing obstacles due to a Hollywood writers’ strike, which has disrupted much of the US film and TV production. Despite this, a Netflix spokeswoman emphasized their continued collaboration and expressed that Harry & Meghan had the biggest documentary debut on the platform.

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In summary, Meghan Markle has been criticized for her lack of talent by a prominent Hollywood agent following the premature end of her podcasting deal with Spotify. The criticisms highlight difficulties faced during the production of the podcast series and suggest that the Sussexes’ ventures are encountering challenges. Nonetheless, their collaboration with Netflix continues, and the couple remains committed to their future projects.