Pom Klementieff asked Tom Cruise to kick her in the stomach, but he refused

Pom Klementieff

Tom Cruise declined Pom Klementieff’s request to kick her in the stomach during a scene in ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1’.

Pom, who portrays the character Paris in the film, approached Tom with the idea, believing that it would enhance her performance. However, Tom firmly refused to kick her, despite her persistence.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, Pom shared her experience, saying that she repeatedly told Tom to kick her in the midsection, specifically indicating her abs. However, Tom adamantly responded with a series of “no’s”.

Director Christopher McQuarrie described Pom’s character as chaotic and rebellious. Pom embraced the unique qualities of Paris and appreciated the opportunity to portray a character who stood out from the other women in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise.

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Paris is depicted as a destructive force, highly skilled in combat, and characterized by a sense of loneliness. Pom enjoyed infusing the character with a punk style and a carefree attitude, adding a fresh perspective to the film.

Interestingly, the name “Paris” given to Pom’s character serves as a subtle tribute to Leonard Nimoy, who played the Great Paris in the original ‘Mission: Impossible’ TV series. This connection to Pom being from France led to the decision to have her speak French in the film, adding an authentic touch to her portrayal.

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During the filming process, Pom’s favorite scene involved driving a Humvee while pursuing Tom’s character, Ethan Hunt, and Hayley Atwell’s character, Grace, who were inside a small yellow Fiat. This particular scene held a special significance for Pom as it was shot on location in Rome. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pom cherished the opportunity to have fun while shooting the scene and tried to contain her laughter as she enjoyed the exhilarating experience of chasing the Fiat.

Although Tom’s refusal to kick her in the stomach was a notable aspect of their on-set dynamic, Pom expressed her overall enjoyment of working on the film and embraced the opportunity to bring the rebellious and distinct character of Paris to life.