Post Malone and Noah Kahan Celebrate Drinking in ‘Dial Drunk’

Post Malone and Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan, a singer, recently released a song called “Dial Drunk,” which quickly became a huge hit. Now, he’s taking the song to another level by collaborating with none other than Post Malone for a new version. This unexpected partnership has sent excitement and inspiration through Noah.

When “Dial Drunk” first came out, Noah sang about the struggles of being young, intoxicated, and feeling lonely, all while making mistakes for someone he deeply cares about, even if that affection isn’t reciprocated. It’s a relatable story that touched the hearts of many.

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Now, with Post Malone adding his own verse to the song, the storyline continues. In his part, Post Malone talks about being in the back of a police car, dealing with the aftermath of a wild night. His heartfelt lyrics add depth and emotion to the track, making it even more powerful.

For Noah Kahan, this collaboration with Post Malone is a dream come true. He’s been a big fan of the rapper for a long time, and now getting the opportunity to work with him feels like a full-circle moment in his career. The excitement and inspiration he’s experiencing are evident in his words.

The response to “Dial Drunk” has been overwhelming for Noah, in a positive way. Fans have embraced the song with open arms, and it even made its mark on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart, debuting at Number 43. Its popularity has also spilled over to TikTok, where people have made their own versions of the song, adding their own lyrics and storylines.

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As “Dial Drunk” continues to touch the hearts of many, Noah Kahan is embarking on his North American Stick Season tour, showcasing his musical talents in various cities, including Chicago, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. It’s a significant moment for him, and he’s eager to share his music with his dedicated fans.

Reflecting on the success of “Stick Season,” another one of his tracks, Noah is delighted to see how his personal experiences have resonated with such a diverse audience. The song’s universal relatability has been a gratifying experience for the singer, knowing that his music connects with people on a deep level.

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Overall, the collaboration between Noah Kahan and Post Malone has elevated “Dial Drunk” to new heights. The fusion of their talents and emotions has resulted in a song that strikes a chord with fans, and it seems to be just the beginning of more great music to come from both artists.