Rapper Cordae hints at baby’s name with Naomi Osaka during live performance

Rapper Cordae

Tennis star Naomi Osaka’s boyfriend, rapper Cordae, recently revealed the name of their newborn daughter during a performance. In a video posted on Twitter, Cordae can be heard telling the crowd that their daughter, named Shai, was born a few days ago. He dedicated his performance to her, expressing his love before mentioning that he would be heading back home.

The spelling of the name, Shai, is not immediately clear, and it remains uncertain if it is a nickname or the chosen name. Representatives for Naomi Osaka did not provide any further comments regarding the matter.

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Several publications confirmed the news that Naomi Osaka and Cordae had welcomed a baby girl in Los Angeles. According to sources, both the baby and the four-time Grand Slam singles champion are doing well.

Naomi Osaka first announced her pregnancy on social media in January, surprising her fans with the joyful news. Last month, she shared an Instagram post that seemed to capture a celebration for the baby’s arrival, revealing the baby’s gender.

In an interview with People magazine in April, Osaka mentioned that she and Cordae had been discussing baby names and were leaning towards a name that was “more unique than traditional.” They wanted a name that was more unique than traditional, and it seems they found the perfect fit with “Shai” for their daughter.

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The couple has been supportive of each other throughout their respective careers. Cordae, a talented rapper, has often shown his admiration for Osaka’s achievements on and off the tennis court. Their relationship has garnered attention from fans and media, and the arrival of their baby girl has brought even more excitement.

While the specific details of the birth and their plans for parenthood remain private, it is clear that Naomi Osaka and Cordae are embracing this new chapter in their lives with love and joy. As they navigate the challenges and joys of raising their daughter, they will undoubtedly receive support from their fans and loved ones.

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The couple’s choice of the name Shai reflects their desire for something unique and meaningful. As they embark on this journey of parenthood, they will create a loving and nurturing environment for their daughter, cherishing every precious moment.

Fans around the world are sending their warm wishes and congratulations to Naomi Osaka and Cordae, celebrating this beautiful milestone in their lives. The future looks bright for this talented couple as they continue to excel in their respective careers while embracing the joys of family life.