Rapper Quando Rondo Can’t Drive and Must Take Drug Tests While Awaiting Trial on Bond

Quando Rondo

A Georgia judge made a ruling that will affect rapper Quando Rondo’s freedom while he awaits trial on gang and drug charges. The 24-year-old rapper, whose real name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman, appeared in a Savannah courtroom where prosecutors sought to revoke the $100,000 bail he posted following his indictment last month. However, the judge did not revoke his bail but imposed additional restrictions on his actions.

The judge’s ruling states that Quando Rondo is no longer allowed to drive, and he must undergo regular drug testing if he wants to remain out of jail until his trial. The decision came after an incident where Bowman crashed a car on July 19, just a few weeks after being released on bail. After the car crash, emergency responders gave Narcan, a drug for opioid overdoses, to Bowman due to overdose symptoms.

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One of the conditions of his bail was to refrain from using drugs, which Bowman apparently violated. His attorney, Kimberly Copeland, defended him in court, arguing that he wasn’t driving recklessly and that he had a valid prescription for some of the drugs found in his system.

The Chatham County Superior Court Judge, Tammy Stokes, gave Bowman a warning during the hearing. She acknowledged that he is a young man with a potentially promising career ahead of him, but she emphasized that he is responsible for his actions and choices. The judge stressed that the rapper’s future and opportunities depend on the decisions he makes moving forward.

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Quando Rondo’s legal troubles began when he and 18 others were indicted last month by a Chatham County grand jury. Among the charges he faces are being a manager of an illegal street gang known as “Rollin’ 60’s” and conspiring to distribute marijuana and purchase pills of the opioid hydrocodone. Prosecutors have indicated that there might be additional charges related to the car crash incident.

Quando Rondo gained popularity in the music industry with his singles “I Remember” and “ABG,” leading to a record deal with Atlantic Records. The record label released his debut album, “QPac,” in 2020, and he followed it up with his second album, “Recovery,” which was released in March.

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The rapper’s legal situation is being closely monitored by fans and industry insiders alike, as the outcome of his trial could have significant implications for his career and future. As he navigates the legal process, he must also contend with the impact of the judge’s recent ruling on his freedom and the conditions he must follow to stay out of jail.