Reality TV Star Bethenny Frankel Questions Why Exploited Stars Aren’t on Strike in Social Media Rant

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, the former reality TV star known for her role in “Real Housewives of New York,” has taken a stand against what she sees as unfair treatment of reality stars. In a passionate video shared on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, the 52-year-old entrepreneur expressed her frustration with the lack of residuals and proper compensation for reality TV personalities.

Frankel believes that reality stars are often treated as second-class citizens in the entertainment industry, labeled as “stepchildren,” “losers,” and “mules.” Despite their significant contributions to the success of reality TV shows, they are not given the same respect or financial rewards as traditional actors. She argues that reality stars are relied upon to carry the weight and continue entertaining audiences when A-list Hollywood actors go on strike.

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As the CEO of Skinny Girl and a successful author and producer, Frankel acknowledges that she doesn’t need the money. However, she is deeply concerned about the way her fellow reality stars are treated and how disposable they seem to be in the eyes of the industry.

Frankel cites the example of Raquel Leviss, a star from “Vanderpump Rules,” whose affair was heavily publicized and affected her life significantly. She questions the price that reality stars pay for their fame and the toll it takes on their personal lives.

The former reality star also criticizes how reality television exploits the personal struggles of its participants for ratings. Bankruptcies, addiction issues, and other vulnerabilities are often sensationalized for entertainment, putting reality stars in a vulnerable position.

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One of Frankel’s main concerns is how young, aspiring reality stars may be unaware of the potential consequences of appearing on such shows. She believes they are often taken advantage of and may not fully understand the contracts they sign or have access to proper legal representation.

Frankel advocates for better protection of reality stars, emphasizing that contracts should be designed to safeguard their interests rather than exploiting their naivety for a “gotcha” moment.

In a shocking revelation, Frankel discloses that she was paid a mere $7,250 for her first season of “Real Housewives of New York.” Despite this low compensation, the show continues to attract a large audience, making her question why reality TV stars have not demanded better pay and treatment.

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Through her video, Frankel calls for solidarity among reality TV stars, urging them to consider going on strike to demand fair treatment and proper compensation. She believes that the entertainment industry should value and respect the contributions of reality stars, just like any other talented performers.

By using her platform to speak out, Bethenny Frankel hopes to bring attention to the exploitation faced by reality stars and inspire positive change in the industry.