Rebecca Romijn shares her commitment to portraying a transgender character on Ugly Betty with authenticity and respect

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn, known for her role as Alexis Meade on Ugly Betty, recently discussed her portrayal of a transgender character and the importance of representation in the media.During an interview with The Independent, Romijn shared her determination to portray the character faithfully and make her captivating to the audience. However, she also acknowledged the need for authentic representation and suggested that a transgender actress should have the opportunity to play the role if the show were to be rebooted.

During the interview, Romijn revealed that ABC executives initially had reservations about the character of Alexis Meade. However, they became more open to the idea when Romijn joined the project. She shared that there was a boys’ club dynamic behind the scenes at the time, and her casting was an effort to make the character more palatable to that group. Romijn embraced the opportunity to bring the character to life and made her debut as Alexis in 2007.

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Reflecting on her role as a transgender character, Romijn acknowledged that times have changed and that she likely wouldn’t be cast in that role today. She recognized the progress made in transgender representation and highlighted Michaela Jaé Rodriguez’s historic Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her performance in Pose. Romijn believes that these milestones mark a significant moment in transgender representation and employment in the entertainment industry.

Looking ahead, Romijn expressed her support for casting transgender actors in transgender roles. If Ugly Betty were to be rebooted, she feels that the role of Alexis should be given to a transgender actress to ensure an authentic portrayal. Romijn emphasized the importance of giving opportunities to underrepresented communities and promoting inclusive casting practices.

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While the possibility of an Ugly Betty reboot remains uncertain following the passing of show creator Silvio Horta in 2020, Romijn expressed a lighthearted sentiment about reuniting with the cast, particularly Vanessa Williams, who played the iconic character Wilhelmina Slater. She mused about the potential for finding another role that would allow the old cast to come together again.

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In conclusion, Rebecca Romijn’s comments highlight her commitment to portraying the transgender character of Alexis Meade on Ugly Betty with respect and authenticity. She recognizes the progress in transgender representation and advocates for casting transgender actors in transgender roles. Romijn’s insights contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry, emphasizing the importance of accurate and inclusive representation.