Recap of ‘Succession’: Logan Roy’s chaotic and heart-wrenching funeral

Logan Roy

In the latest episode of Succession, titled “Church and State,” Kendall Roy tries to bring his siblings together on the day of their father’s funeral. He wants them to set aside their ongoing dramas and focus on the present moment. However, for Kendall and his wealthy family, today is always about more than just the present. It’s about the past that led them to this point and the future that awaits them. As they gather to bid farewell to their father, Logan, they cannot escape the intertwining of their personal lives and the chaotic events happening around them.

“Church and State” is a grand and intimate episode that reunites the show’s major characters to say goodbye to Logan. From rivals like Logan’s brother Ewan to ex-wives and ex-lovers, they all come together in a church filled with protesters. Amidst the chaos, the episode focuses on the three main Roy siblings desperately trying to connect and support each other, only to fail once again. Logan’s legacy is reflected in the rage of a nation he helped destroy and in the power struggles among his children. It’s a testament to the complexities of their family dynamics and the toxic influence Logan had on them.

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The original plan was for Roman to be the sole speaker at the funeral, but others in the family also take the stage, sharing their thoughts about Logan. Ewan, despite his strong opposition to his brother’s actions, delivers a powerful eulogy that criticizes Logan’s impact on the world. Ewan suggests that Logan’s pessimistic view of the world only served to perpetuate negativity in others. Kendall, on the other hand, seizes this opportunity to reclaim his position as the favored son and confront Ewan’s criticism. He delivers an improvised speech that portrays Logan as a powerful force who shaped the world through his wealth. Kendall’s speech reveals his longing for his father’s approval, even after enduring years of abuse.

Shiv, impulsive as ever, follows Kendall to the stage. Her eulogy walks a fine line between Ewan’s condemnation and Kendall’s admiration. She acknowledges Logan’s emotional distance and mistreatment of women but forgives him, claiming that they are all doing fine. Shiv’s speech resonates with the audience as it captures the complex relationship they had with Logan. It highlights the human side of Logan, the father who failed to show love but still managed to elicit loyalty and respect.

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Throughout the episode, the supporting characters also receive their moments. We witness touching scenes between Marcia, Caroline, Kerry, and Sally Ann, as they share a unique bond in the face of Logan’s death. Jess decides to distance herself from Kendall, possibly due to her growing affection for Mencken. Gerri openly questions the inner circle’s relief at Logan’s demise, while accusing Karl of Stockholm Syndrome. The episode pays tribute to the ensemble cast and sets the stage for the potential departure of several characters.

After the funeral, the episode continues to explore the dynamics among the Roy siblings. Kendall, fueled by the success of his speech and Roman’s vulnerability, becomes more ruthless in his pursuit of power. He manipulates Hugo, making him his pawn in the corporate battle. Meanwhile, Shiv achieves personal and professional victories, but her future with Tom remains uncertain.

As the episode concludes, the siblings gather at the mausoleum Logan purchased. In a lighter moment, they find temporary solace in each other’s company. They joke about their father’s ability to escape difficult situations, reflecting on their shared history. However, the underlying question remains: who will emerge as the true successor to Logan’s empire?

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“Church and State” is a pivotal episode that delves into the complexities of the Roy family and their relationships. It showcases the conflicts and aspirations of each sibling while highlighting the lasting impact of Logan’s influence. With only a few episodes remaining, Succession continues to captivate viewers with its sharp writing, remarkable performances, and compelling exploration of power, family, and legacy. The stage is set for a thrilling conclusion as the Roys navigate the treacherous corporate landscape and face the consequences of their actions.