Rhea Ripley shares her thoughts on John Cena’s appearance in the Barbie movie

John Cena

Wrestling star Rhea Ripley found John Cena’s role in the upcoming Barbie movie hilarious and shared her amusing reaction. Cena, a beloved veteran of the WWE, announced his role as a merman in the film, which excited his fans. A promotional video showcasing Cena’s look in the movie was released, causing a buzz on social media. Ripley, a fan of Cena herself, stumbled upon a comparison picture online that juxtaposed Cena’s merman character with Ripley’s previous blonde look during her WWE career.

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Ripley, known for her gothic-inspired image, quickly found the picture amusing and shared it on her Instagram story. The image highlighted the contrast between Cena’s vibrant merman persona and Ripley’s former blonde appearance, creating a comical effect. Ripley has been sporting her goth look for years, which became a defining element of her character and garnered a strong fan following in the WWE universe.

During an interview on My Love Letter to Wrestling, Ripley mentioned the initial response to her goth transformation was not met with great enthusiasm. However, it proved to be a success as it allowed her to establish a unique identity among her peers in WWE. Ripley recalled an incident where she presented her new gear and hairstyle to one of the coaches, who reacted with skepticism. She understood that the response implied that the success of her new persona was uncertain. Nonetheless, her goth image became a significant part of her wrestling persona and contributed to her popularity.

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In an intriguing turn of events, Cena was recently spotted engaging in a conversation with Ripley backstage. Fans are curious about Cena’s reaction to Ripley’s Instagram story featuring the comparison image. The interaction between the two WWE stars has sparked interest among their respective fan bases, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.

As Cena continues to explore his acting career, his involvement in the Barbie movie brings a unique twist with his portrayal of a merman. Cena’s versatility as an entertainer shines through as he embraces diverse roles beyond the wrestling ring. Fans eagerly await the release of the Barbie movie to see Cena’s interpretation of his underwater character and how it adds to the overall narrative of the film.

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, moments of lighthearted humor like Ripley’s reaction to Cena’s Barbie movie appearance bring joy to fans and further strengthen the connection between wrestlers and their supporters. It serves as a reminder that even amidst the intense athleticism and drama, there is room for laughter and camaraderie within the WWE community.