Riverdale: Mädchen Amick Reflects on Directing Her Last Episode and the Series Finale

Mädchen Amick

Mädchen Amick, who has played Alice Cooper (or Smith) on The CW series Riverdale since 2016, is bidding farewell to the show after seven seasons. Amick has not only acted in the series but has also taken the opportunity to direct episodes, including this week’s episode titled “Chapter One Hundred Thirty: The Crucible.” Wrapping up the show was an emotional experience for the cast, as they shared their final moments on set.

Amick expressed her emotions about the last day of filming, stating that the table read a week prior had already brought tears to everyone’s eyes. The cast members rehearsed together, trying to hold back their emotions, but the realization that it was their last time working together was overwhelming. The final scene Amick filmed involved her on-screen daughters, Lili Reinhart and Tiera Skovbye, which added to the emotional intensity of the moment. Saying goodbye to the cast members who were filming their last scenes on Monday was also a poignant experience.

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During her time on Riverdale, Amick portrayed various versions of Alice Cooper, but she revealed that her favorite iteration was Hippie Alice. This version allowed her character to explore a more free-spirited side while still grappling with internal conflicts.

Fans of the romantic relationship between Alice Cooper and FP Jones, known as “Falice,” were disappointed that Skeet Ulrich, who played FP Jones, did not return for the final season. Amick confirmed that there would be no Falice endgame as originally planned. Ulrich was invited to return, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to join the cast. While fans may have hoped for a reunion between Alice and FP, Amick assured that Alice would find happiness in the end.

The latest episode of Riverdale, directed by Amick, delves into serious subjects such as the 1950s Red Scare, homophobia, and the controversy surrounding comic books. The episode aims to educate younger viewers about historical events they may not be familiar with and shed light on the progress made since then.

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Amick’s own experiences and involvement with mental health advocacy have influenced her approach to storytelling and directing. Though the episode does not directly address mental health, the impact of the depicted events on the characters’ mental well-being is a crucial consideration. Amick aims to guide the actors in portraying the emotional aspects of their characters’ journeys with kindness, complexity, and grounded reality.

One notable scene in the episode features KJ Apa delivering a powerful monologue, which moved viewers to tears. Amick emphasized the importance of creating a safe space for actors to tap into deep emotions, allowing them the time and support necessary to deliver powerful performances.

The episode also reintroduces the Lodge family, with Mark Consuelos reprising his role as Hiram Lodge and Marisol Nichols returning as Hermione Lodge. The plot cleverly avoids having the characters share a scene, as their characters have already split up. However, behind the scenes, Consuelos and Nichols did have the opportunity to see each other again.

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Amick teased some exciting moments in the episode, including an appearance by Sarah Habel as Grundy and a comic book speakeasy sequence featuring Ethel and Jughead. The storyline involving Cheryl, Toni, Clay, and Kevin adds tension and complexity to the episode, which Amick achieved through careful positioning of the characters and their interactions.

A surprising moment in the episode occurs when Veronica and Archie share a passionate kiss. Amick aimed to make this moment feel genuine and unexpected, with the characters connecting emotionally, leading to an impulsive and surprising kiss in the middle of the school.

As Riverdale approaches its conclusion, fans are left with a mix of emotions. While certain storylines and relationships may not have played out as expected, viewers can anticipate a satisfying and heartfelt ending to the series. The dedication and talent of the cast, including Mädchen Amick, have contributed to the show’s success and made Riverdale a beloved series among its fans.