Ryan Gosling’s Unexpected Gift to BTS Jimin Amazes Fans

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, the popular Hollywood actor, recently surprised BTS member Jimin with a heartwarming gift – a guitar. The official social media account of the movie “Barbie” made the announcement, sharing a post that caught the attention of fans worldwide.

In the post, there was a video in which Ryan Gosling addressed Jimin directly, saying, “Hi Jimin. It’s Ryan Gosling. Your outfit in ‘Permission to Dance’ looked like mine.” Gosling referred to the attire Jimin wore in the music video for BTS’s hit song “Permission to Dance,” which bore a striking resemblance to the western-style black jacket that Gosling wore in the movie “Barbie.”

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What followed in the video was truly touching. Gosling revealed that there is a special tradition among the Kens (the character he portrayed in “Barbie”). If one Ken emulates another’s style, it is a custom to gift them their most cherished possession. Keeping true to this tradition, Ryan Gosling decided to present Jimin with a guitar engraved with the name “KEN” on it, symbolizing the character from the movie.

Gosling then expressed, “I’d like you to have Ken’s guitar as a small gift. Ken doesn’t play well, so it’ll suit you much better.” This heartfelt gesture from Gosling to Jimin left fans speechless and touched the hearts of millions around the world.

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The bond between celebrities from different parts of the entertainment world often delights fans, and this gesture is a perfect example of that. Ryan Gosling, known for his roles in numerous successful films, and Jimin, a beloved member of the global sensation BTS, coming together through this gift has warmed the hearts of both BTS Army and Gosling’s fans alike.

The movie “Barbie,” in which Ryan Gosling stars, is a delightful story set in a world where Barbie can live out her dreams and desires. She discovers a mysterious connection that links her world with reality. Alongside Ken, Barbie sets out on an unexpected and exciting journey to unravel this mystery.

As for BTS’s Jimin, his star continues to shine brightly as he and his fellow BTS members captivate the world with their music and performances. The music video for “Permission to Dance” showcases BTS’s signature style, and Jimin’s outfit, inspired by Ryan Gosling’s character in “Barbie,” caught the attention of both fans and the actor himself.

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This thoughtful gift exchange between Ryan Gosling and Jimin is a beautiful reminder of the connections that can form across different artistic fields and how mutual admiration and respect can lead to heartfelt gestures. It also shows the power and reach of BTS’s influence, as global stars like Ryan Gosling recognize and appreciate the impact the group has on popular culture.

As fans continue to celebrate this heartwarming moment, the movie “Barbie” hits the big screen, inviting audiences of all ages to experience a world of imagination and adventure. And as BTS continues to make waves in the music industry, their collaborations and interactions with other artists are sure to keep surprising and delighting fans worldwide.