Salma Hayek talked about her hesitancy to join another TV show right now

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek recently revealed that she is currently not interested in taking on another TV show due to her strong focus on spending quality time with her daughter Valentina and her husband François-Henri Pinault. During a conversation on Kelly Ripa’s Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, the 56-year-old actress addressed the possibility of appearing in HBO’s series, The White Lotus.

Salma expressed her admiration for the show’s creator, Mike White, and their excellent chemistry while working together. She stated that she would love to collaborate with Mike again and praised his talent for combining sound and images in a remarkable way.

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The Academy Award nominee previously worked with Mike White on the 2017 comedy, Beatriz at Dinner, and had a fantastic experience. However, she now finds it challenging to commit to a TV series due to her dedication to her 15-year-old daughter Valentina and her responsibilities at home, including taking care of their dogs.

Salma emphasized that she can’t easily leave for extended periods for work, wanting to be present for her family. She noted that she values the time spent with her daughter and cannot just say goodbye for several months to take on a TV series.

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Valentina, Salma’s only daughter with François-Henri Pinault, has already made her mark by appearing on the cover of Vogue Mexico. In an interview conducted in Spanish, Salma discussed her late motherhood journey and expressed her support for Valentina if she chooses to follow her mother’s footsteps in Hollywood.

Valentina, like her mother, is passionate about acting and dreams of becoming both an actress and a director. However, she also places importance on helping others and has been actively involved in volunteering at a soup kitchen.

The mother-daughter duo not only shares a love for the entertainment industry but also fashion. Valentina often borrows clothes from Salma’s designer-filled closet, thanks to her father’s company, which owns several luxury fashion brands.

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Both Salma and Valentina speak Spanish, which they use as a way to communicate privately when in public settings. Valentina enjoys teaching her mother makeup techniques, showcasing their close bond and shared interests.

As Valentina grows and explores her aspirations, Salma remains a loving and supportive mother. While she currently wants to prioritize her family life, Salma’s admiration for Mike White and her passion for acting will always remain a part of her life. The bond between Salma and Valentina continues to flourish as they navigate their paths in the entertainment world and share their dreams and interests.