Sam Ryder Excited to Participate in Isle of Wight Festival

Sam Ryder

Sam Ryder, who was the runner-up in Eurovision, expressed his excitement about performing at the upcoming Isle of Wight Festival. The 33-year-old singer shared his enthusiasm and encouraged fans to send positive energy for his upcoming projects and music.

During an interview with the PA news agency, Ryder also discussed the Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Liverpool in May. He praised Mae Muller, who represented the UK in this year’s competition, for her outstanding performance. Ryder acknowledged the courage it takes for artists to step onto the Eurovision stage, performing in front of millions of viewers worldwide, and emphasized the importance of showing respect, kindness, and empathy to all participants.

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Reflecting on his own experience as the Eurovision runner-up last year, Ryder emphasized that music should not be judged solely based on scores but should be enjoyed by the viewers. He acknowledged that there are various factors influencing the scoring process and urged the audience to treat all participants with respect and admiration for their dedication and bravery.

Expressing his gratitude, Ryder also extended his appreciation to the hardworking individuals behind the scenes of Eurovision. He recognized their unwavering commitment to the event over the years, regardless of the outcomes. Ryder acknowledged the efforts of the Eurovision team and highlighted the significance of their work in creating a memorable and successful contest.

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As the UK hosted Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine, the 2022 winners due to the conflict, Ryder expressed hope for the country’s rebuilding and prosperity. He emphasized the importance of remaining hopeful and supporting the efforts of nations beyond the scope of Eurovision alone.

Following his Eurovision success and his popularity on TikTok, where his cover songs went viral in 2020 and gained him over 14 million followers, Ryder recently wrote a song called “Fought And Lost,” which was featured in the hit Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso. Being part of the show was a dream come true for Ryder, who expressed his excitement about the convergence of music, television, and film in a project he deeply admired.

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Ryder teased that he has numerous projects in the pipeline and requested his fans to keep their fingers crossed and continue sending positive energy his way. He emphasized the importance of gratitude and being present in the moment, appreciating the blessings that come his way. Despite uncertainties about what the future holds, Ryder assured his fans that he would approach new opportunities with grace and gratitude.

In conclusion, Sam Ryder expressed his excitement about performing at the Isle of Wight Festival and encouraged fans to support his upcoming work. He praised Mae Muller’s performance in Eurovision and emphasized the significance of respect and admiration for all participants. Ryder expressed gratitude towards the dedicated individuals behind Eurovision and shared his hope for the country’s rebuilding. He celebrated his involvement in the TV show Ted Lasso and hinted at surprises to come. Ryder emphasized the importance of gratitude and staying positive, and assured his fans that he would approach future endeavors with grace and appreciation.