Sam Smith apologizes after canceling Manchester concert that had already started.

Sam Smith

British singer Sam Smith had to cancel their concert in Manchester due to vocal issues after performing only a few songs. The 31-year-old artist’s fans were left puzzled when the arena went dark and the performance abruptly stopped.

Shortly after, the audience was informed that the show had to be cut short because of Sam Smith’s vocal issues. Smith took to Instagram to express their disappointment and apologize to their fans. In the statement, Smith explained that they had recently battled a virus but had been able to deliver incredible shows across Europe.

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During the Manchester concert’s soundcheck, Smith felt fine and was excited to put on an amazing show for the audience, even teasing a special surprise. However, during the third song, Smith realized something was wrong with their voice. They hoped it was just a temporary issue, but by the fourth song, it became apparent that something serious was affecting their vocal cords.

Heartbroken, Sam Smith left the stage and made every effort to recover their voice, but unfortunately, they were unable to continue the show. They expressed deep remorse for not being able to finish the performance and conveyed their love and apologies to the audience.

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This cancellation follows Sam Smith’s withdrawal from the OVO Hydro Arena concert in Glasgow over the weekend. The singer had also rescheduled their Birmingham show due to ongoing health issues.

In a message to their fans, Smith apologized for the inconveniences caused and explained that they and their team were still unwell. They emphasized the importance of providing the best version of their performance and not wanting their fans to experience anything less.

Despite these setbacks, Sam Smith’s Gloria tour received positive reviews. The Independent’s Nicole Vassell gave the London leg of the tour a four-star rating, praising Smith’s empowerment and resilience in reclaiming their identity and self-worth.

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Sam Smith’s fans expressed their support and understanding on social media, sending messages of love and wishing the singer a speedy recovery. Concert cancellations and health issues can be disappointing for both the artist and the fans, but it’s crucial to prioritize the well-being of performers and allow them the necessary time to recover and deliver their best performances in the future.

As of now, it’s unclear when Sam Smith will be able to resume their tour, but fans remain hopeful for their swift recovery and eagerly anticipate the continuation of the Gloria tour.