Samuel L. Jackson talks about Nick Fury’s relationship with Skrulls in Secret Invasion

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson, the star of Secret Invasion, recently discussed the intriguing relationship between his character, Nick Fury, and his wife, Varra the Skrull.

In the second episode of Secret Invasion titled “Promises,” viewers were introduced to Priscilla Fury, Nick Fury’s wife, portrayed by Charlayne Woodard. However, it was revealed that Priscilla was actually a Skrull named Varra. The third episode, “Betrayed,” shed more light on their relationship, showcasing their decades-long history, their love for each other, and Varra assuming the identity of Priscilla while in human form.

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During an interview with Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson was asked about the impact of Varra/Priscilla’s introduction on Nick Fury’s character. Jackson humorously responded that being a husband might be more challenging than Fury’s other life as an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. director. He mentioned that living with someone like Varra is not easy, suggesting a complex and possibly turbulent relationship dynamic.

Jackson also expressed his satisfaction with the Marvel Cinematic Universe exploring this aspect of Nick Fury’s life. He noted that it is important for the audience to know that Fury has someone by his side, highlighting that he is not alone in his fight or in the world. Furthermore, he emphasized the intriguing twist that this person happens to be a Skrull, playfully referring to it as “My Skrullmance.”

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The question arises whether Nick Fury and Varra can trust each other in the context of Secret Invasion. Varra/Priscilla has experienced significant losses, including Fury’s temporary death caused by Thanos and his departure to the S.A.B.E.R. station. These circumstances raise doubts about the level of trust between them and the potential strain on their relationship. Future episodes of Secret Invasion will further explore these dynamics.

Despite the challenges they face, Jackson emphasized that Fury still loves his wife. He highlighted the importance of having someone to love and be loved by, allowing individuals to let their defenses down and experience both the pain of loss and the joy of belonging. He described their romance as “tortured” but emphasized Fury’s loneliness when she is not present.

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Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion is currently available for streaming on Disney+. The series comprises several episodes, with new ones released every Wednesday until July 26. As the story unfolds, viewers can anticipate further developments in Nick Fury and Varra’s relationship and the impact it has on the broader narrative.