Sarah Jessica Parker’s Son Feels Uncomfortable Watching “And Just Like That…”

Sarah Jessica Parker

James Wilkie Broderick, the son of Sarah Jessica Parker, openly admitted that he experiences some uneasiness while watching his mother’s show, “And Just Like That…”.. In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” the 20-year-old college student shared his experience of attempting to watch the revival of “Sex and the City” but feeling a sense of awkwardness. Although he enjoyed the new show, he hadn’t watched the original series, which made him feel strange while watching the continuation.

During the 2023 Father of the Year Awards in New York City on June 15, James explained, “It felt a little weird to be watching the newer one having not watched it, even if it’s accessible.” Being born after the premiere of the original series in 1998 and with the show ending when he was only two years old in 2004, James missed the opportunity to watch it. He also mentioned the two movies released in 2008 and 2010, which he couldn’t have seen at a young age.

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James admitted that he doesn’t have an excuse for not watching the show now, but it wasn’t a big deal for him to see the risqué scenes that people often ask him about. He believed that he was just too young before to watch it. Despite his personal connection to the show, James has been supportive of his mother and attended the Season One premiere of “And Just Like That…” in December 2021.

The upcoming second season of the show, set to premiere on June 22, will feature a guest appearance by Kim Cattrall reprising her role as Samantha Jones. While James has reservations about watching the show, his father, Matthew Broderick, expressed his enthusiasm, stating that he watches every minute of it.

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Regarding his own career aspirations, James recently explored acting and found it enjoyable. However, he is open to other possibilities and isn’t overly concerned about it. He mentioned having a job at a clothing store and being a college student, which gives him the flexibility to try out different things. Once he returns to school, he anticipates having less time for extracurricular pursuits because of academic demands.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have twin children named Tabitha and Marion. The family occasionally makes rare public appearances together, such as attending the Broadway premiere of “Some Like It Hot” in December. Last month, Parker and Broderick celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary, with Parker sharing a photo and expressing her love and appreciation for their journey together.

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While James may feel a little weird watching his mom’s show due to not seeing the original series, he continues to support her and remains open to exploring various interests as he navigates his college years.