Sarah Mary Chadwick Releases New Song ‘Looked Just Like Jesus’

Sarah Mary Chadwick

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sarah Mary Chadwick has recently unveiled her latest single, titled ‘Looked Just Like Jesus,’ which serves as a preview of her upcoming album, Messages to God. The song is a poignant composition that showcases Chadwick’s distinct vocals alongside delicate piano melodies and subtle electronic accents.

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Chadwick shared some insights into the inspiration behind the track, revealing that her mother once likened her first boyfriend to a portrayal of Jesus that hung on the wall of her classroom at the Catholic school where she taught. The image depicted Jesus with blue eyes, collar-length sandy hair, and radiant golden skin. Chadwick reflected on her fascination with the concept of God, which, for her, represents an appreciation for the world’s inherent beauty and a profound sense of being in love. To accompany the release of the single, Chadwick has also unveiled an accompanying music video for “Looked Just Like Jesus.”

The announcement of Messages to God came last month, coinciding with the release of the album’s lead single, ‘Shitty Town.’ Set to be released on September 15th via the esteemed independent label Kill Rock Stars, the album serves as a follow-up to Chadwick’s 2021 release, Me & Ennui Are Friends, Baby. The recording process for Messages to God involved collaboration with executive producer Tony Espie, whose extensive experience includes mixing and engineering work on all three of The Avalanches’ studio albums.

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Chadwick expressed deep gratitude for Espie’s contributions to the record, recognizing the joy and love he brought to the project. She holds Messages to God close to her heart and hopes that it will resonate with listeners in a meaningful way, forging a special connection with those who delve into its introspective and soul-stirring compositions.

Sarah Mary Chadwick’s evocative music continues to captivate audiences with its raw emotionality and introspective lyricism. Her ability to bare her soul through her music resonates deeply with listeners, inviting them into her world of vulnerability and self-discovery. With ‘Looked Just Like Jesus’ as a glimpse into her forthcoming album, Messages to God, fans eagerly await the full release, anticipating a musical journey that explores themes of spirituality, personal growth, and the complexities of human existence.

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As Sarah Mary Chadwick prepares to unleash her latest musical offering upon the world, her honest and emotive approach promises to touch the hearts of many and solidify her place as an acclaimed singer-songwriter. Messages to God is poised to be a significant milestone in her career, a testament to her artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to authenticity.