Season 2 of ‘Run the World’ Explores Relationships and Careers, According to the Cast

Run the World

The stars of the TV show “Run the World,” Amber Stevens West, Tosin Morohunfola, and Corbin Reid, shared that their characters will face important decisions about their careers and relationships in Season 2. The new season will premiere on Starz this Friday.

In the Season 1 finale, Whitney, played by Amber Stevens West, admitted to having an affair before her wedding. In Season 2, Whitney will wait to see if her fiancé, Ola, portrayed by Tosin Morohunfola, can forgive her. West mentioned that Whitney might even reconsider marrying him.

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Morohunfola expressed appreciation for the show’s writers for portraying Ola’s character with empathy. He was glad that the show was willing to honestly depict a heartbroken Black man, breaking away from the stereotypical portrayals often seen on TV.

The couple Jason and Renee, played by Jay Walker and Bresha Webb respectively, went through a divorce in Season 1. Renee divorced Jason due to his spending habits on promoting a band. However, Walker mentioned that Jason has had time to reflect on their imperfect relationship and is also focusing on his own career.

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While Jason pursues music production, Renee starts her own marketing agency. Webb emphasized that Renee is determined to focus on her career and will face any challenges head-on, staying true to herself.

Another friend of Whitney and Renee, Sondi (played by Corbin Reid), believed her relationship was stable in Season 1. Sondi is dating Matthew (Stephen Bishop), a professor and single father. However, Matthew’s ex-wife returns in Season 2, and Reid revealed that Sondi will confront other issues in their relationship that she may have overlooked.

The three friends share a life coach named Barb (played by Erika Alexander), who feels that her clients are not making progress quickly enough. Barb urges them to make decisions and take action rather than being indecisive.

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Fashion plays an important role in the show, with Pat Fields and Tracy L. Cox, the costume designers from “Sex and the City,” creating the wardrobe. Whitney takes time off between canceling her wedding and returning to work. When she goes back to the office, she wears a unique pink ensemble tailored by Cox from a men’s suit, which empowers her despite her fears.

Webb and Reid teased that fans can expect exciting fashion choices in the season finale. Reid mentioned her thigh-high gold Marni boots, jokingly asking if the wide shot would capture them.

New episodes of “Run the World” air on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. EDT on Starz and are available for streaming on the Starz app starting midnight on Fridays.