Selena Gomez Sends Birthday Wishes to Francia Raisa, Puts Feud Rumors to Rest: ‘I Love You’

Selena Gomez

In a heartwarming Instagram post, Selena Gomez has put an end to rumors suggesting a feud between her and her longtime friend and kidney donor, actress Francia Raisa.

Sharing three candid photos of them together, Gomez expressed her birthday wishes to Raisa, saying, “Happiest of birthdays to this special human being. I will always love you, no matter where life leads us. ❤️ @franciaraisa.”

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This post comes after fans noticed that in a Rolling Stone interview published on November 3, Gomez referred to Taylor Swift as her “only friend in the industry.” Some speculated that this statement might have caused a strain in Gomez’s friendship with Raisa, as the “Grown-ish” star did not follow Gomez on Instagram at the time, although Gomez followed Raisa.

On November 5, Raisa reportedly commented “interesting” on an E! News post about Gomez’s quote before swiftly deleting it. These actions fueled further speculation about their friendship status.

However, past public declarations of their strong bond tell a different story. In a 2018 SELF interview, Raisa revealed that she didn’t hesitate to undergo testing to see if she was a match for Gomez’s kidney transplant. She considered Gomez her best friend and sister and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her.

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In 2017, Gomez made a courageous revelation that she underwent a kidney transplant due to her ongoing battle with lupus, an autoimmune disease that can severely impact the kidneys. Raisa stepped up and donated her kidney to Gomez, saving her life. Gomez expressed profound gratitude and love for Raisa, calling her gesture the “ultimate gift.”

For Francia Raisa’s 35th birthday celebration, it appears she chose to have a pool party with her friends. She shared several pictures of herself looking radiant in an orange bikini. Her caption read, “If I’m not in a bikini on my birthday then it’s not my birthday.” While she hasn’t directly responded to Gomez’s birthday message on Instagram, Raisa did share other birthday wishes from well-wishers on her Instagram Story.

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The heartfelt Instagram post from Gomez has effectively put to rest any rumors of a feud between the two friends. Their bond remains strong, with Gomez’s message reminding everyone of the deep affection and appreciation she has for Raisa, who has played a vital role in her life and health journey.

As fans celebrate Raisa’s birthday, they can now rest assured that Gomez and Raisa’s friendship continues to thrive, and their love and support for each other remain unwavering.