Seth Rollins Thinks WWE Fans Are Ready for a Shift Without Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, along with Dean Ambrose, formed a popular trio called The Shield in 2012. Although they have gone their separate ways, Seth Rollins recently shared his feelings about Roman Reigns in an interview. He expressed both love and dislike for his former partner, explaining that their bond is like a brotherhood. Rollins acknowledged that Reigns had been there for him when the world turned against them, but he doesn’t respect the person and champion Reigns has become.

Rollins believes that Reigns has been consumed by his ego and has become selfish by taking away opportunities from other wrestlers. He aspires to become the World Heavyweight Champion so that Reigns can be forgotten. Rollins wants to create a wrestling environment where everyone has a fair chance to succeed based on their talent and dedication. He wants to know who will step up and carry the torch when both he and Reigns are no longer in the spotlight.

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Rollins envisions a future where WWE evolves and progresses. He desires to be the catalyst for change, pushing the industry forward. He understands that WWE needs a fresh perspective and is willing to take on that role. Rollins wants to bring excitement and opportunity to RAW, allowing performers to earn title shots when they are ready and providing a platform for growth.

When asked about his upcoming match at Night of Champions, Rollins exuded confidence and felt invincible. He believes he is at the peak of his game and sees no reason why he won’t come out victorious. The forthcoming event is significant for Rollins, and he is prepared to give it his all.

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Rollins explained that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship holds immense value for him because it represents his desire for change and his lifelong passion for wrestling. Despite not being initially perceived as “the guy,” Rollins has always worked hard to prove himself. Wrestling has been his first love since childhood, and it has given him a life beyond his wildest dreams. He wants to ensure that wrestling reaches its full potential, creating something legendary that will be remembered for years to come. Rollins aspires to be a role model for the future generations of wrestlers and hopes to leave a lasting legacy.

If Rollins succeeds in his quest for the championship, his supporters will grow even stronger, cheering him on throughout his journey. Rollins aims to bring about positive change in WWE and become a symbol of progress.

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