Shakira shares touching ‘Acróstico’ video singing with her children


Shakira’s latest music video for her ballad “Acróstico” is a heartwarming tribute to her children Milan and Sasha, released just in time for Mother’s Day. The emotional video showcases Shakira’s love for her kids and features them alongside her.

Throughout the video, Shakira is seen sitting behind a piano, while scenes cut to glimpses of their household. Viewers catch sight of a playroom filled with Legos and toys, rubber ducks in a bathtub, and family pictures adorning shelves. Milan and Sasha join their mom at the piano, even lending their voices to the end of the track. The video concludes with the family playing amidst moving boxes, symbolizing their journey together.

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Taking to Instagram, Shakira shared a clip of the video and expressed her pride in Milan and Sasha’s involvement. She mentioned Milan’s songwriting skills that moved her to tears and Sasha’s dedication to the piano. Both kids had spent time in the studio with her and felt a deep connection to the song. They interpreted it in their unique way, pouring their passion and emotion into the music.

In “Acróstico,” Shakira sings about the immense love she has for her children, emphasizing that they bring her the greatest joy in life. The cleverly crafted lyrics spell out “Milan” in the first part and “Sasha” in the second part, a creative nod to the song’s title. It showcases Shakira’s devotion to her kids and her promise to always be there for them.

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The release of “Acróstico” follows the success of Shakira’s collaboration on “BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53,” which not only served as a fierce response to her ex-husband Gerard Piqué but also achieved massive global popularity. The track set a record as the fastest Latin song to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Shakira’s achievements were further acknowledged when she was honored as Woman of the Year at the inaugural Billboard Latin Women in Music event in Miami, Florida.

Through “Acróstico,” Shakira delivers a powerful message about the boundless love between a mother and her children. The video captures the beauty of their everyday moments and the profound connection they share. Shakira’s tribute resonates with parents worldwide, reminding them of the unconditional love and devotion they have for their own children. The touching lyrics and heartfelt visuals make “Acróstico” a heartwarming and memorable addition to Shakira’s discography.

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