Shakira’s emotional new music video features her two sons joining her at the piano and singing.


Shakira’s latest music video is extra special because it features her two sons, Sasha and Milan. The singer shared a snippet of the video on Instagram, showcasing her boys’ talents. The video starts with Shakira at the piano, and as it progresses, Sasha joins in, singing and playing the piano next to his mom.

In the Instagram caption, Shakira expressed her pride and love for her sons. She revealed that Milan has written songs that moved her to tears, while Sasha has spent hours at the piano, finding his voice. Both boys have been by her side in the studio, and after hearing the song dedicated to them, they asked to be a part of it. Shakira admired how they interpreted the music with passion and emotion, and she expressed her joy in seeing them follow their dreams.

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Shakira shares Sasha and Milan with her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. Although they split in 2022, Shakira is committed to protecting her children from any negative impact of the situation. She considers it her number one mission in life. She also strives to give them a normal life despite her public persona and their father’s fame. They aim for simplicity and normalcy in their daily lives.

Recently, Shakira made a move from Barcelona to Miami, bringing her children with her. She bid farewell to Barcelona on Instagram, explaining that she settled there to provide stability for her sons. Now, they are embarking on a new chapter in their search for happiness, seeking it in another corner of the world where they can be close to family, friends, and the sea.

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Shakira’s music video featuring her sons highlights the special bond they share and showcases their individual talents. It’s a heartfelt tribute from a proud mother to her children, capturing their growth and creativity. Despite life’s challenges and changes, Shakira remains dedicated to her sons’ well-being and happiness. The move to Miami represents a fresh start for the family, filled with hope and new opportunities.

In summary, Shakira’s music video with her sons is a testament to the love and support she has for them. It’s a celebration of their talents and a glimpse into their close-knit relationship. The relocation to Miami marks a new chapter in their lives, as they continue to prioritize family, simplicity, and pursuing their dreams.

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