Shanna Moakler Shares the Truth About Her Split from Oscar De La Hoya

Shanna Moakler and Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya and Shanna Moakler’s tumultuous and complicated relationship is revisited in the documentary “The Golden Boy: Oscar De La Hoya.” Before Moakler married Travis Barker in 2004, she dated the famous boxer De La Hoya. In the documentary, Moakler recalls their first meeting in 1997 and how she felt an instant connection, considering him her soulmate.

Their relationship progressed, and they moved in together, eventually getting engaged and having a daughter named Atiana. However, their happiness was short-lived as the relationship faced challenges. De La Hoya was accused of infidelity and sexual assault by other women, leading to the couple breaking off their engagement in 2000.

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The documentary features interviews with several people, including Moakler, shedding light on De La Hoya’s career and his personal life. De La Hoya, who is of Mexican descent, remembers Moakler as the first American woman he ever dated, and he speaks fondly of her beauty and allure.

As their relationship continued, De La Hoya revealed that he had two children with other women besides Atiana, which weighed heavily on him as he struggled with fatherhood. He turned to drinking as a way to cope with the challenges of parenthood. Moakler, on the other hand, found his drinking to be an issue as it changed his behavior and personality.

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Moakler recounts receiving phone calls from women alleging that they slept with De La Hoya, but she initially dismissed them, thinking they were after his money. She even tried to chase him down in nightclubs, but he would avoid her by leaving through the back door. Despite these incidents, Moakler stood by him because she didn’t believe the accusations against him.

However, things took a darker turn when she heard about a woman accusing De La Hoya of rape in Mexico in 1998. Moakler still supported him, not believing the allegations, but more accusations followed. One incident involved a woman accusing De La Hoya of rape at their home during Christmas in 1999. Moakler and De La Hoya’s relationship was under immense strain due to these accusations.

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De La Hoya’s pursuit of a music career became another source of tension in their relationship. The breaking point for Moakler was seeing De La Hoya on the red carpet holding hands with another woman at the Latin Grammys, despite him claiming they were no longer together. He ended their relationship, claiming he no longer loved her and had more money than he needed.

Despite the past drama and heartbreak, De La Hoya and Moakler are on good terms now. They even went to dinner together recently, and De La Hoya apologized sincerely for hurting her. The documentary showcases De La Hoya’s journey as a boxer and his efforts to rebuild relationships with his children from previous relationships. It provides a candid look into the challenges and complexities of their relationship, leaving the audience with the understanding that De La Hoya is a work in progress.