Shawn Booth remembers when Kaitlyn Bristowe accidentally sent him a text meant for her new boyfriend Jason Tartick

Shawn Booth

Shawn Booth, known from Bachelor Nation, reflects on the moment he realized his relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe was truly over. Speaking on his podcast, In the Booth with Shawn Booth, the 36-year-old star opens up about their split and the incident that made him never want to see Bristowe again.

Booth recalls that after their breakup, the last time he saw Bristowe, he told her that he didn’t want any communication or encounters with her ever again. This statement stemmed from the circumstances surrounding their separation and the way he discovered certain things. As a result, he cut off contact with her for several years.

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Booth and Bristowe got engaged during the 11th season of The Bachelorette and dated for three years before announcing their split in November 2018. Following the breakup, Booth had hoped that they could present a united front and work together as a team, especially when facing public scrutiny and judgment. However, their attempt to maintain a cordial relationship didn’t go as planned.

It was a text message from Bristowe that was intended for her then-secret boyfriend, Jason Tartick, which shattered Booth’s intention of having an amicable split. Bristowe and Tartick eventually revealed their relationship to the public in January 2019.

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Booth reveals that he had known about Bristowe’s involvement with Tartick even before it became public knowledge. The accidental text message from Bristowe, meant for Tartick, was received just after Booth and Bristowe had officially ended their relationship.

Recalling the moment, Booth remembers being in a furniture store, searching for items to furnish his new apartment. It was then that he received the revealing text message. The situation was difficult for him, and he chose not to confront Bristowe about it or make it a public issue.

Booth admits that he had previously asked Bristowe to stop talking about him on her podcast, as he didn’t appreciate the constant media attention it brought. However, he now speaks out about their relationship, acknowledging that he doesn’t agree with some of Bristowe’s claims.

Booth believes that he knows the truth about what happened between them, regardless of Bristowe’s perspective. While he understands that Bristowe may find solace in discussing their past on her podcast, he feels it’s important for him to share his side of the story as well.

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Although Bristowe found happiness with Tartick and they got engaged in March 2021, Booth is currently single. However, he remains busy with his podcast, In the Booth with Shawn Booth, his fitness training business called Boothcamp, and his real estate career with The B|G Home Team.

This open discussion on his podcast allows Booth to address their past relationship and share his own experiences and thoughts on the matter. It provides a platform for him to express his perspective, something he had refrained from doing until now.