Sia Gives $130k to Her Top 3 Favorite Contestants from ‘Survivor’ Season 44


Sia, the celebrated singer-songwriter, has shown her generosity and love for the reality TV show Survivor by gifting cash prizes to three contestants from season 44. Despite not winning the grand prize, these contestants received a pleasant surprise from Sia after the season finale.

Carolyn Wiger, Carson Garrett, and Lauren Harpe, who made it to the season’s final episode but went home empty-handed, were in for a treat. While Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho was crowned the “Sole Survivor” and earned $1 million, and Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt took home the $100,000 runner-up prize, Wiger, Garrett, and Harpe finished in the third, fourth, and fifth places, respectively.

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To soften the blow of not winning the show, Sia generously gifted Wiger $100,000 for reaching the final three, and $15,000 each to Garrett and Harpe.

The surprise came during interviews on Thursday morning, and the reactions from the contestants were priceless. Wiger was moved to tears upon hearing the news, while Harpe couldn’t contain her excitement and had a delightful mini-meltdown when Sia praised her during an interview.

Sia shared her admiration for Harpe’s journey and the struggles she faced as a mother, expressing her love and appreciation. She wanted to give Harpe a gesture of support by awarding her $15,000 and encouraging her to keep going.

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It’s worth noting that Sia mentioned the gift would be “tax-free” as she had already taken care of the taxes on Harpe’s behalf. She also mentioned that $15,000 was the maximum amount she could legally gift while covering the associated taxes.

Harpe was deeply grateful for the recognition and support, acknowledging the hard work and dedication it took for her to reach where she is now. She found it incredibly special to receive such generosity from someone she admired.

While Sia’s generosity may come as a surprise to some, it’s not entirely unexpected for avid Survivor fans. Since 2016, Sia has been giving out what she calls the “Sia Award” during Survivor seasons. It all started with Survivor: Kaoh Rong, the show’s 33rd season.

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Sia’s acts of kindness and support for the contestants have become a cherished tradition within the Survivor community. Her dedication to recognizing their efforts and sharing her love and appreciation has made her an endearing figure among fans of the show.

In conclusion, Sia’s latest display of generosity in gifting cash prizes to Survivor season 44 contestants who came up short is a testament to her genuine admiration for the show and its participants. Her unexpected gifts brought joy and relief to those who had put their hearts into the competition, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.