“Sound of Freedom” to be shown in theaters internationally.

Sound of Freedom

The faith-based political thriller “Sound of Freedom” is making its way to cinemas in various international markets. Angel Studios, a Utah-based studio known for working independently from the Hollywood system, has announced release dates for 21 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, South Africa, and multiple Latin American countries. The international release is set to begin next month.

In the United States, the film has already achieved significant success, surpassing the $100 million mark at the box office on July 19, just over two weeks after its release on July Fourth. As of Tuesday, the movie’s total earnings in North America exceeded $130 million. The film has maintained a strong position on the domestic box office chart, even outpacing “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” which premiered on July 12 and accumulated $124.2 million in North America by Tuesday.

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“Sound of Freedom,” directed and written by Alejandro Monteverde, features Jim Caviezel in the role of real-life hero Tim Ballard. The movie revolves around Ballard’s journey from working as an agent for the Department of Homeland Security to launching his own mission to combat child traffickers. Ballard founded the anti-trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad. The film also stars Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp, José Zúñiga, and Eduardo Verástegui, who is also a producer.

Angel Studios has taken a unique approach to distribution by offering a “pay it forward” option, allowing consumers to donate tickets. The studio’s decision to release the movie directly in theaters overseas in Latin American countries and the U.K./Ireland, and partner with local distributors in other markets, is aimed at maximizing its reach and impact.

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Jared Geesey, Angel’s senior VP of global distribution, acknowledges the growing demand for the film worldwide, with audiences in various regions and languages expressing interest in the powerful message it conveys. The movie sheds light on the global issue of child trafficking, and Angel Studios hopes to build on the momentum generated in the United States by sharing this important message with international audiences.

The release schedule for “Sound of Freedom” in international markets is as follows: South Africa on August 18, Australia and New Zealand on August 24, Latin American countries (including Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela) on August 31, the U.K./Ireland on September 1, and Spain on October 11.

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Although “Sound of Freedom” has been discussed on QAnon message boards, Angel Studios emphasizes that it is not a QAnon movie. It’s important to mention that the lead actor, Jim Caviezel, spoke at a QAnon convention in Las Vegas in late 2021 and referenced their slogan. Despite this connection, the film stays committed to its primary goal of raising awareness about child trafficking and spreading a message of hope and courage globally.