Stars of ‘Never Have I Ever’, Richa Moorjani and Poorna Jagannathan, Discuss the Emotional Significance of the Series Finale Wedding

Richa Moorjani and Poorna Jagannathan

“Never Have I Ever” Season 4: A Wedding Brings Closure and Celebration for Characters in the Show

The fourth season of the popular Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” introduces new developments for the characters, including the marriage of Nirmala Vishwakumar (played by Ranjita Chakravarty) to her new love interest, Len (played by Jeff Garlin).

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The wedding scene in the show’s finale holds great significance as it brings together all the characters, including Devi’s family and friends, for a final moment of unity. Actress Poorna Jagannathan, who portrays Nirmala’s daughter-in-law Nalini and Devi’s mother, reflects on the emotional impact of this scene. She highlights the symbolism of the wedding, drawing connections to the personal experiences of the show’s creator Mindy Kaling, whose own father remarried later in life, and Jagannathan’s own mother, who married at the age of 64. The storyline explores unexpected narratives and the idea of never closing chapters in one’s life, especially for women in multi-generational households, emphasizing the potential for love and healing.

The wedding also pays homage to the South Asian culture that serves as the foundation of the show. A traditional dance performance choreographed by Joya Kazi, featuring Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her cousin Kamala (Richa Moorjani), adds to the celebratory atmosphere. Moorjani expresses her excitement for the dance scene, highlighting the significance of dance, music, and arts in Indian culture. The scene not only celebrates the wedding but also serves as a celebration of the past four years and the journey of the cast and crew.

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Moorjani reflects on the growth of her character, Kamala, and her evolving relationship with Devi. From initially disliking each other in season one, their bond has transformed into a sisterly connection. Moorjani emphasizes how Devi has helped Kamala find her voice and stand up for herself, while Kamala has had a calming influence on Devi. The show explores themes of bravery, taking risks, and embracing female empowerment and sexuality.

Additionally, Moorjani appreciates the opportunity to portray a character who authentically represents her own heritage. She acknowledges the importance of being able to showcase her cultural identity on screen and fully embody her character’s background. The representation of “brown” characters and the exploration of female rage adds depth and nuance to the series.

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Both Moorjani and Jagannathan express their gratitude for the sense of belonging and family that the show provided. They cherish the collaborative and supportive environment on set, where their voices were valued and they felt like integral members of the production. As the series concludes, they will miss the camaraderie and the feeling of being part of a close-knit family.

Fans can now enjoy all episodes of “Never Have I Ever” Season 4 on Netflix.